Zugswang Lyrics

?greaf Lyrics

I'm floating through my time and space
Wanna fly with me?
Close your eyes and brace, yourself
Take the droplet to the tongue, feel young yet
You ain't gotta come stressed out
I'm just hoping you have fun yes

A hunnit n***as with a trigger on me with my dumb luck
If I'm bugging it's a another f**kin' picture you get gunned up
Take the rubber off it when I cuddle then I got a son f**k
You a dumb f**k
You ain't talking, ya tongue stuck

Put it in me like an enema
Lindsey Cossar is a friend of a -- n***a spitting with the gifted writtens making instrumentals with the principal

Gutting swishers up at Boca Ciega
Put in prison for that no no behavior
Bussing grits up on his mother t**s and I got Brandy lickin' up the coconut flavor

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