Young Track aka Treezy I remember ft anna Lyrics

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I remember times when I never shined, it was so hard to believe
I didn't wanna be lost in life, I came out from underneath
I felt the weight of the world crashing down on me
But now I'm looking out, and it's my victory

My vision my pain all up and your hands
Now she gone and I got her on my brain
One thing about her got me feeling so special
I put you on my neck girl like a gold medal
Everywhere she go I always got her back
I love her to death and homie that’s a fact
If I don’t see my girl is like I can’t sleep
If I don’t see your face is like I can’t eat
God know I love you what more can I say
I wish you was home I wish you can stay
Days is going fast but is hard to imagine
Wish I can bring you home I wish I can do magic
Girl you gotta understand
I’m try to be a man I hope you can understand
I give it all to you everything I have girl take it I trust you

Sometime I'm with her sometime I ‘me and my own
Cause when she coming home I always got her on my arms
I give her cup of coffee tell my girl to chill
I know she working hard course she trying to pay them bill
I’m looking at your face when I’m starring at your eyes
She gotta nice body and she got me hypnotized
The way she talk the way she walk
Everything about her got my mind going nut
A lot of girls hate you course they want your place
Girl you a dime and that’s the case
Remember the time we you use to stay in school
I use to tell you, you was goon be my boo
That was like yesterday we use to playing game kissing everyday even sometime we pray if you remember now you can press replay

My vision, I’m watching you girl like I’m watching a television
Girl you a A you can’t afford a B
The first time I saw her my heart stop beat
Beautiful life, beautiful wife, beautiful wife I think I say it twice
You can’t afford her, she don’t have a price
She kiss me when she leave her lips so nice
We use to kick it all the time
Back then you was 9 but dam you was fine
You always looking pretty your hair looking sexy
Now you all grown and I hope that you don’t miss me
Even your daddy was mad
You always come back course you know I was there
We make love like t**anic
Me and you now that’s cla**ic

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