You Might Be Him Lyrics

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You Might Be Him - Lyrics

Summer in the air but we never really care about anything but just the two of us
I was in despair ‘til you finally found me there on the sidewalk, you turned me to stardust
Wonder in your eyes, I can see it's no disguise, gotta wonder whether you’ll keep me forever
I've been on a high since I met you on a ride at the carnival, babe, don't you remember?

You’re so captivating, ah
My heart you're invading, oh
When I try tell to tell you truth
You just talk about the news
You're so mesmerising, ah
Got that perfect timing, oh
Even when we fight all night
You're still standing by my side

Cuz lately I've been having daydreams
I've been thinking maybe
He could be him, he could be him, uh uh uh oh
Rainbows, I've been seeing halos
I think that they may know
He could be him, he could be him, uh uh uh oh
And I can't pretend with you tonight
I know you’ll say that it’s alright
I know you never think you win
But I think that you might be him

People like to stare cuz they're fully unaware about anything that’s really important
Yeah they roll their eyes at the falling of the skies and they never realise that they aren't absorbent
All I really know is I'll never let you go, baby you make my dark side go dormant
If you take me there Imma tell you all my fears and I promise that we're gonna be so rewarded

And I was so blind
So undecided
I made you cry
I’m sorry for my crimes
The hurt I caused and
All the violent wars
I need you now, my King
Need you forever, boy

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