You Know I Ain’t Scared (You Know How I Play It) Lyrics

70th Street Carlos Lyrics

You know I ain't scared, f**k that pu**y n***a
Bust that n***a head
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

You know I ain't scared, pistol play the only way I play it
F**k that n***a, bust that n***a head
You know I ain't scared!

Pistol play the only way I play it
Catch me in the back just like some pegs
Wit two Glocks wit extension clips, look like a pair of legs
F**k a body, b*t*h I'm tryna catch a head, look
I'm out my top, I'm out my skin, I'm finna shed
Got fifty in this clip, you and yo n***a, y'all can share it
Yo b*t*h she let me rip, she let me tear it
Plus she gave me head
She love to pull my hair, she hurt my head
She ask me for some shoes, I brought her kegs
She ask me what's my name, I told her Greg
She say "Yo brother Whop?" I told her yeah
"Oh that's the reason why my dude scared?"
That n***a the sickest, that n***a yeah wit the yeah
Cut a⎯, bust a-, cut a n***a leg
Leave a n***a sleep, like f**k a bed
Wet his body up, then touch his head
You know I'm full of liquor like a keg
Her old man funny, call that n***a Ted
N***a yeah!

Oh you the police just like the feds?
Well b*t*h I'm working wit a set of legs
F**k a body shot, I'm aiming at yo f**king dreads
And all my n***as dumb, they Special Ed
Catch me in yo 'ol lady bed, she give me head
But you can keep the beef, I want the bread
Draw out on a n***a just like some lead
40s, that's the only way I play it
It's over for you when you see that red!
B*t*h I ain't scared, bust a n***a sh*t and leave him dead
I gotta choppa wit a drum that scramble n***as like some eggs
That's how I play it
Bust a n***a dead up in his head, punch a n***a down and send that b*t*h to bed, I ain't scared
And my n***as in this b*t*h bobbing they head
And if I got em wit me, best believe that they'll spray it
And b*t*h I do not f**k wit rats, no I don't do the feds
So n***a how you play it? Pu**y boy you shaking in yo legs
B*t*h you scared

Catch you slippin', put yo a** to bed
You got on white, the 40 turn you red
You know how I play it, you ain't even gotta say it
You can get blammed for all that talkin' out yo head
N***a'll spread you like a spread
Get erased wit this lead, you ain't safe
I know you scared
Pistol way the way to play it, and ain't no aiming for no legs
Shoot yo chest, and bust yo head
When it press, it'll make a n***a fold like a leg
You let them hoes get to yo head
And you gone quick, you come up dead
Like some water, I'll spray it
Soak you up just like a
You let them hoes get to yo head
Watch how quick you come up dead
N***a I'll soak you like a

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