You Can’t Deny Lyrics

Quintino Lyrics

Anything goes tonight
Just as long even it's you and I
Like a fairytale never die
What I feel inside is
Staying strong
I keep holding on
'Cause what we have is burning like
Fire is desire
It's irresistable
You can't deny-y-y, deny-y-y
You can't deny-y-y
We're up against eternity
Eternity We are here
Like this fight
Don't fight the urge
You can't deny
What you are
What I am
Continuing as far
You can't deny-y-y
You can't deny Anything goes tonight
Just as long if you do it right
If we could look into the light
We would see what's behind
Destiny just go with me
I'll be the path to guide you
Infinity, is reality
To catch your fear inside
You can't deny-y-y. deny-y-y
You can't deny-y-y
We fought against eternity
You can't deny No you can't deny
You can't deny
You can't deny

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