Yet To Show Lyrics

7 Birches Lyrics

I've gone years and years
But they have yet to show
I've made it through all this
Without letting go
I looked at your face
Then at your hand
Clung to that bottle
I just couldn't stand
I gave you one last chance
To start a new
Save your own life
But that wouldn't do
So I pushed you away
And you stayed away
It only got worse
And I just couldn't say
That I miss the person
You used to be
I miss the summers
Our family
And after all these years
The tears have yet to show
But here they are
I'm letting go
Though I can't believe
It took your death
For me to finally see
You at your best
Now I need to know
How far you fell
Will we meet in Heaven
Or do we all go to Hell

Do we all go to Hell

I tried to move on I tried to start a new
But I couldn't find happiness with or without you
I can only hope that you will finally see
What you've done to us, you owe apologies
There were so many times you'd stumble through the door
Late night's stench on your breath I couldn't take anymore
Decisions that you made drowned me along with you
The threats I made to leave you didn't see as true
As it got worse and worse you grew further away
I couldn't face the fact, things wouldn't be okay
And after all of this I couldn't shed a tear
Lacking all emotion too blind to see my fears

You should have
Changed your ways
Before it
Was too late
I should have
Had more faith
Kept a closer watch
Tried to keep you safe
After I made you leave
You came back for help
I kept my doors closed
I just shut you out
You need to know
I'll take some blame
I couldn't pull the weight
You would have done the same
It wasn't meant to be
Love wasn't for us
I hope we meet again
That's one thing we can trust
These tears on my cheeks
Were shed in memories of us

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