6ix9ine Lyrics

Chorus: X**TENTACION] F*cked up , f*cked up, n***a f*ck's up B*ch-made, wrist like slay, ayy Where that b*ch? F*cked up , f*cked up, n***a f*ck's up B*ch-made, wrist like slay, ayy Where that b*ch? F*cked up , f*cked up, n***a f*ck's up F*cked up , f*cked up, n***a f*ck's up F*cked up , f*cked up, n***a f*ck's up B*ch-made, wrist like slay, ayy Where that b*ch? They don't bark or scare me, no

Yeah, I had to make moves by myself when Every mtherf*cker wanted my attention You will never see me coming 'cause I blend in I'ma rip out all your teeth like a dentist I'ma only spill truth on a sentence F*ck you, f*ck numbers, f*ck mentions Lxrd's about to do sh*t relentless F*ck the industry, I'm authentic

Verse 2: 6IX9INE]
Yeah, we rep that f*cking six, but I finger f*ck that nine
They throw dirt all on my name, spell TEKASHI69
Went to jail, spent the case, ni*ga, I ain't doing time
Feel whole weight, in my set, we held 30, free the 9

All these ni*gas f*ckin' h*es, ten toes, never fold
Pu*sy nig*a, snatch your soul out your shirt, actin' buff
Actin' up, actin' tough, just might get you fist f*cked
All that talk about runnin' up, still your boy, I'm runnin' up

Verse 4: Nascar Aloe] Stop p*ssing me off I can play God and cut off your oxygen Hop off of my d*ck We in the pit? Then I would be socking him Kaws mixed with the Rick Open your jaw so I can put my c*ck in it Pause, just for a bit You think you're like me, but we are simply opposite

Verse 5: ANIME RAP OFFICIAL] Never never ever Gonna wish you better I don’t give a f*ck about no gucci leather Imma rain on you And You can change the weather If you movin mad I’ll make you Vanish like penn and teller Damn I’m better Moving on my own ventdetta Sitting in my safe place Make haste All these people think I’m Tryna time waste,Time waste B*ch Jumping from a high place Suicidal on my high days I WANNA SEE YOUR

Verse 6: Scarlxrd] Blooood! Never told a soul all the pain I've been coping with I've been on my own, get the f*ck up out my face b*ch Better give me one good reason not to tear your limbs You don't know my m*therf*cking story and you don't know sh*t I'm tired bro, i got so much sh*t i got to do and i don't wanna leave the house...

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