XXL Freshmen 2022 Cypher – Part 3 Lyrics

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Ain't it funny how a life go?
I done went up, they went psycho
Say 24, did you try ho?
Every concert is a lightshow

Did this sh*t off the top, okay
She pull up and mop, okay, okay
I'm wearing some socks, they brown, okay
Yo' shawty she lookin', she round, okay

Been down, mama proud, brothers still wild
Off-White Air 1s, ten toes down on the ground
Had to buy some headphones, I was ridin' dirty on the hound

MacBooks and Backwoods, I'm scammin' on my high sh*t
Froze-a** heart, tell a b*t*h she need a ice pick
I was born broke, but best believe that I'ma die rich
You can check the stores for this sh*t, but you won't find it

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