XXL Freshmen 2022 Cypher – Part 2 Lyrics

XXL Lyrics

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
Big brother always tryna touch a n***a brain
Leave him neckless, he try and reach in for my chain
He's always tryna hit a f**kin' stain
Brush my teeth with scope, but promise, I got aim
The way I'm swingin' sh*t, think my b*t*h Mary Jane
Tired of everybody callin' me insane
I'm tired of everybody callin' me insane
B*t*h, I'm on it, man-to-man, no zonin', watch that come on it
Rich as hell, opp block, I can own it, even my opponent
I can tell all these n***as phony, none of them is on it
I'm not friendly so don't call me homie, n***a, you don't know me
Damn, I'm trippin', bros take off my chain, I almost how I'm drippin'
See his whip and fill it up with holes, you would think I'm pimpin'
F**k these b*t*hes, man, a ho can't go, we don't do no simpin'
Top of this d**k the only touch she get, we don't do no tricking, uh
Pull up with extensions like Juwanna Mann
I keep heat where I go, I'm a walkin' sauna-man, uh, uh
Slide on him at night, call me pajama-man
Got two hoes on my d**k, call me Ferragamo man, uh, uh
And I'm doin' a cypher with the stick, uh
N***a run in here while I'm rappin', shoot him in his sh*t, uh
And I'm doin' a cypher with the stick, uh
N***a run in here while I'm rappin', shoot him in his sh*t, uh

Ayy, fifty racks on me right now and this Dior is made of silk
N***as spin my block incorrectly, somebody gettin' killed
My young n***a fifteen with four bodies, can't even buy a pill
He ain't even old enough to vote, that lil' boy bangin' Crip, blrrrd
This that micro Draco with the wood
Bangin' CGE for life, no, nevermind, that's understood
A shot to his back, that pu**y die before he hit the wood
He can't come back on my block, he no longer from my hood
He can't come back on my block, shake his pockets, check his socks
No more serving weed or serving lean, ain't no more serving raw
Can't pop back out on the block, hit his a** with so much hot
Hit his a** with so much hot sh*t, made him fallin' on the block
Ayy, we made this pu**y a** fall off the block
Hit his head with switches on these Glocks, with bump stocks on a chop
N***a, know what's up with me, free Shiesty, goin' to the top
Wheezy with me in the cut, and Scarr, he got that AR
I said Big Scarr, he got that AR, blrrrd

I'm in the XL coupe, this b*t*h here a hatchback
I don't do the basics, b*t*h, this hemi here a Scat Pack
I don't do no talkin', roll this n***a in the outback
I'm with your main b*t*h, we in here stay chillin', they outback
I'm all in double-XL, Draco chillin' in my backpack
I'm all in double-XL, Draco chillin' in my backpack
Sippin' and I'm swervin' and I'm servin' out a lunch sack

Ayy, see, these diamonds on my neck cost me a grip, your sh*t ain't addin' up
I skipped the S, I went straight to the VV, made the choker bust
They got a lot to say online, see 'em, they choking up
And shut up 'fore I hit your baby daddy back and soak him up
Ooh, don't want no loco nut
I want a n***a sayin' he can't breathe if I don't show him love
I graduated from the d**k, I think my role's enough
If n***as ain't gon' come at me correct, I give you hoes a sub
I know a lot of b*t*hes tight, they need a shoulder rub
Making with these b*t*hes, make a month before I hit the club
Only thing to do with broke n***as is to pick 'em up
I told him I'm a rapper, that's for hoes that's in the building up
Ooh, is you hearin' me?
I know a lot of rap b*t*hes be hatin', they ain't feelin' me
These b*t*hes killin' me
Everybody say they ain't scared to give lil' Ken a piece
ATL, hopped off a plane and hit the stage at Cali, I'm a P
I got some hoes that's ducked off in the valley, asked about me
I been a hunnid, my card's super valid
I drop a ho, I get another one like DJ Khaled
Know God love me, heard the rumors, all dawgs go to Heaven
Be runnin' off so all my n***as know I need attention
Say that they don't like me, likin' pictures, that's the contradiction
F**kin' broke n***as gettin' pregnant, that's just superst**ious
And keep my name out yo' mouth
Ain't a but these b*t*hes give me salt
Like after a nut, man, these n***as gettin' soft
And they might have it on they chest, but I ain't seen 'em get it off

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