XXL Freshmen 2018 Cypher – Part 1 Lyrics

XXL Lyrics

Picture a n***a steppin' into the game that's already lit
Just add a little coal to flame it
Lame n***as, I gotta put it in layman's terms?
I'm finna murder you n***as, you better spread the word
I bled words 'till my head would hurt
The first to say, it hurts to say, I said it first
Live life like a baby that was dead at birth
But came alive and f**ked the nurses
If you don't like it tell a n***a "jump" if you feelin' Kermit
If you sleepin' on me we can make it permanent
And leave 'em stinkin, he a really permeate, he really reeking
J.I.D or call me Willie Beamen
But I'm 'bout the team, everybody eatin'
If it's down to me, I'ma do some sh*t n***as ain't never seen
B*t*h, I dunk the three
Ashton Kutcher, who's punkin' me?
J.I.D the butcher, who want the beef?
Chop arm, leg, head, package meat
Sacrificial lamb, satisfactory
Smack him with the hand, don't talk back to me
I'ma be the man, I'ma kill a king
I done been a fan, now I need wings
I done see your hand, now I need a -ah
Fee-fi-fo-fum, monster come, King Kong rumble
Young man, rumble in the jungle, trees tumble
Bees bumble, weed crumble, yeah
Sling slung, wood lumber in the hood
Sister, mother, freaky f**ker, Kidney Puncher, Willy Wonka
Pu**y purified, Lake Minnetonka, yeah
C'est la vie, J.I.D
Say I B-E-S-T with the R-A-Ps and R.I.P
Your rhymes sound O-L-D, I'm co-l-d
And I ain't drop no LP, I'm so OD
I know OGs, drop flows, they was so LD
I make a play, n***a, Odell B
Make a way, get his old LC
Until they sob, but let us pray and let us eat

Oh my god
Heh heh, that sh*t was cold
Oh my god, oh my god, I'm so ready for Ski Mask the Rap God
Oh my god, ahem

Umm, bad with my aim when I c*m
Your b*t*h want meat, my filet-mignon
I hide the kids deep in her throat
Lettin' it go on her body, no bum
Smokin' on Afghan, matter fact, Saddam
No ceilings like Weezy, but she feeling linen
'Cause I turn the chicken up into a picket
But f**k all that drama, you can meet my llama
Black diamonds like Kony, matter fact, Obama
My jewelry so water water like Osama
Got b*t*hes on b*t*hes lovin' it, McDonalds
I keep it 300 like a n***a Sparta
I feel like Darth Vader, n***a, I'm your father, uh
Dodging cop car like a Frogger, uh
Flashy like lights on a router, uh
I just say "water!", I'm out here, haha


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