XXL Freshman Freestyle: Flo Milli Lyrics

XXL Lyrics

How could a broke boy ever play me?
You ain't made sh*t, God made me
I'm a Bugatti and she a Mercedes
Money so long, it go back to the eighties
I'm at the top 'cause you b*t*hes is lazy
Beef with a ho, I ain't makin' 'em famous
I ain't see you on none of these playlists
You can see I don't care and you hate it
He said he real, but I know he fake it
Pull up to steal, my shooters is aimin'
Up in the hills, community gated
Throwin' that ice, it ride on me naked
This pu**y a million, he wanna taste it
Come with a billi', I might let you take it
Makе love on the jet, f**k on thе check
We makin' movies when we havin' sex

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