XXL Freshman Freestyle: Donnis Lyrics

XXL Lyrics

Couple months ago, couldn't imagine this at all
Now you hanging with a star like Spongebob; Patrick
Everything i do is so Coke; cla**ic
Everything i do is so Coke; cla**ic
Y'all runnin' off pure caffeine
I'm runnin' off self-esteem, no gas in me, no gasoline
I'm a hybrid mix of all the best rappers that'll ever exist, huh
While i ride through Tokyo in slo-mo
Everything i cop futuristic; robo, po-po
Try to style on me, homeboy, that's a no-no
Yuh, that's a no-no
If she ain't trying to suck d**k; Wale, go go
Socrates, Shakespeare, homie, i am they fear
Dancer or vixen, i'ma make it rain, dear
Everybody know my name
This ain't thе same, chizz

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