(XQC) Pierre Paul’s one & only weakness Lyrics

XQcOW Lyrics

PP: I clocked you in going like, 95 down the hill from the vault all the way from Mirror Park Drive. I put my lights up you didn't seem to stop but now you're being compliant. Um, where are you going and what are you doing going this fast sir?

Person on motorcycle : I was going to the tavern to open toys.

PP: Alight sir you are free to go at this point.

Person on motorcycle : Thanks

Cop: Alright, take care! Well that's one way to get out of a ticket.

PP: Sir, my Spa- Spanish is my kryptonite, its my checkmate what do I do?

Cop #2: Hey, PP, why did you let him go by the way, what did he say?

Cop: Couldn't understand what he was saying!

PP: Uh, he said uh, you look very lovely, I will never do this again and I will reform and becomе a new man. Uh, much apologies, I love thе PD and next time I see you guys Imma give you free donuts.

Cop #2: Woo!

Cop: Hell yeah, thank you , very kind of you!

Person on motorcycle : I didn't say that but ok

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