X From The Block (Becky/Jenny From The Block Remix) Lyrics

X (random) Lyrics

I guess all the hate is a sign that i'm makin' it,-
Critics keep givin' me sh*t like lindsay lohan i keep takin' it,-

I guess i'm just an a**hole tryin' to make off with the shows 'n riches,-
'n get friendly with all the hot hoes 'n b*t*hes-

But my original mission wasn't to heighten revenue,-
In the beginning i just wanted to express my feelings so i continued to write 'n never knew-
I would become famous hopin' i might endeavor through-
The plight 'n pressure too-fight 'n weather through-
'n eventually i made it by bein' bright 'n clever too,-
Without bein' trite 'n never do'''in' sh*t that wasn't whack 'n below me,-/not by bein' trite 'n never do'''in' sh*t that wasn't whack 'n below me/
But all i wanted was a loyal friend to have my back 'n a homie,-
That would support 'n love me,-
No hoes that would just extort 'n f**k me,-

So many times i wanted to snap 'n lose it,-
'n i barely managed to maintain sanity but i began to practice rap 'n use it,-
To get sh*t off of my stress ridden mind,-
It wasn't about gettin' signed,-
I felt like i was doin' somethin' with my life since i quit boxing 'n i did it strictly to achieve for the sport 'n confidence,-
'n it's gone on for years until recently i began to quickly receive more supportin' compliments,-
Meanwhile releasin' my pent up rage,-on a bent up page,-
Hopin' one day i'll perform at a show 'n get sent up stage,-
Gettin' sh*t off my chest that's been stressin' me,-
I had the pen 'n pad 'n equipment i just needed the recipe,-
Prepared to test any-artist since i pursued my destiny,-
'n here i am now motherf**ker you're about to witness the best of me,-
I guess i'm blessed to be-
Where i'm at now expecially considerin' my single mother 'n i didn't come from royalty,-
But still she would continue to support 'n spoil me,-
So i wanna repay her while i'm climbin' to the top but i still look out for those at the bottom below me,-
Who understand my struggle since i got 'em to know me-
Through all the experiences of my life 'n the stress 'n trials,-
I still refuse to show love for the motherf**kers that walk past me without strife 'n supressin' smiles,-

But this isn't what i was supposed to be,-
I've lost almost everybody who's been close to me,-
But this is who i chose to be,-awkward socially,-
I just wanted to get rich then spend the rest of my life watchin' anime 'n chill,-
But when i'd be in a depressed mood i'd look for the hottest artists 'n the deepest songs but all i found are generic club songs these radios keep playin' still,-
Which these f**kin' fans use to jam away 'n feel,-
This is for those of you who've been a hardcore fan of wayne 'n still-
Bump their sh*t loudly,-
'n those who ain't even heard about me-
But just a**ume their favorite artist is the best 'n they say it proudly,-
My latent skill as an artist shows prominently,-
I have the most blatent realest 'n hardest flows dominantly-
Crushin' all compet**ion i'm on a mission to be the best,-
'n relieve all the pent up frustration of this world's youth which we suppress,-
In these songs about issues which you see me address,-
For those of you that might be depressed

I'ma make every non vegan cat abhor me,-
'cause i spit the realest sh*t 'n they know they don't fit into my league 'n category,-
'n for those of y'all that have witnessed my struggle prepare for an even sadder story,-

Wooh. That was fun. Took like 20 minutes to compose
Trust me, y'all should look out for the next chapter
Check my Youtube. Anyways I'm out for now. Peace

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