Wrong Places Lyrics

Quantrelle Lyrics

Wrong places, wrong places
Bad timing, won't make it, no
Wrong places, wrong places
Trying to get to the top, no patience
But I've learned a lot, oh yeah

Ugh, I'm from a street where it ain't safe to cross
You can get it stray man my n***as pray with they safetys off
So I'm just praying for their safety
They make it safe when these n***as praying for your safe keep
Is it ironic I concentrate on the combinations?
When you combine all that constant hate in your conversations
Believe me son, this is a easy one, I got no regrets
Cause when them creepers come it'll be the ones you let know you best
Embrace yourself when all the losses coming
I been accustomed to losing sh*t since I lost my cousin
Not to mention my dad, my homies, my first deal
Rarely, I embrace the emotion of how this hurt feels
What's it feel like living in fear?
Fear's like living inferior to the feelings of feeling real life
I feel like me and these n***as clashing still
Cause if they don't kill me, me not pursuing my pa**ions will

Everything ain't for everybody
Ain't no point in crying 'bout it
What you dwelling on? Yeah

For everything I exaggerated oversaturated I'm fascinated I graduated
I had to play with the hand I was dealt
But had the ace in the hole cause I had imagination, I crafted my way in
In fact, me displaying inaccurate weigh in
Had to be with attracted this sh*t that I'm actually sayin'
I mastered display smiles when I felt pain
And being other peoples sunshine though I felt rain
It feel strange when you meet someone that carry you
But n***as think you fly, so these leeches want to bury you
Worry you and very few in my area
Now every two seconds I see someone I barely knew
Damn, nice to meet you my n***a, I wish you love and health
I hope your haters hate you as much as you love yourself
I hope you hustle as hard as you claim you ballin out
Just learn to make it back keep spendin', that's what's all about
Daughter out here lovin I think she love stress
I never be the one to tell you love less
But baby these n***as loveless
Everything ain't for everybody just success

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