Would You Know Lyrics

4th Ave Lyrics

Ask you what your interests are
Who you be with

Things that make you smile
What number to dial
Ask you what your interests are
Who you be with

Things that make you smile
What number to dial

See, I'm like hostile
But but but all about my mail
Make a hoe gets down and dirty just like some Freaky Tales
You see I tag a hoe just like I tag a taser
Amaze her
Split her a** just like a f**kin' razor
You gotta know the game just like you know a strategy
And d**k her
Satisfy her hunger just like a Snicker
And pick her
Pockеts like a nose becausе hoes know the f**kin' deal
That's why you gotta be real
And be for real about the kill
How you gon let your n***a borrow 50 bucks and won't let him borrow your b*t*h?
You better start thinking bout the game 'fore you start think about gettin' rich
Dog chases cats
And cat chases mouses
Like a n***a chase a b*t*h
And b*t*hes chases ounces
Recognize game or just take notes from my n***a Dug
Or just step into a club
Thinking bout that b*t*h with yo mean mug
Closed mouths don't get fed
You better have insurance like Club Med

I'll have these hoes like Pirellis - tired
Just like some spoiled milk
And then I have they a** on tilt
Like a video game
Turn them out
Spell my name
Then I make a Trojan change
And come back and do the same
Nowadays hoes just givin' up the f**kin' a**
Ain't no f**kin' questions
Now n***as want the d**k to last
Come and play
Then they ask to get paid
Expectin' you to dish it out
When the f**kin' work is safe
But I'm like that group called Brownstone
I'll say "show it, prove it, do it"
Then I'll turn the pockets to tunnels and I run right through em
Askin' me do I Got 5 On It
B*t*h, you's a Luni
I'm a G, you wanna dive on it
And if you lucky, b*t*h, you can even get a backstage pa**
But you'll leave that backstage fast
If it ain't no backstage a**
'Cause I can spot a groupie from a f**kin' mile away
Tryna peep on your grip and this is what they say-

I was into a hoe named Linda
Put on my agenda 'cause she was jockin'
I wasn't lookin' at her a** no more, I was lookin' at her pockets
I had to "Smack it, flip it, rub it down"
She was a tough cookie
A Goldberg and she wanted to make Whoopi

Gotta crawl before you walk hoe
I wanna know where the money's at
And you wanna know Where's Waldo?
B*t*hes support my need
Might buy me some clothes or maybe a hoe to buy me some dank weed
I'm knowin' you're just a

I'm like a set of bad directions - keepin' hoes mislead
Call that b*t*h Bruce Angle 'cause she
'Cause like paper, b*t*h
The message like...written all over yo face
Claimin' you's vegetarian but this meat you gon' like taste
But with this type of d**k, they don't wanna see me
D**k's not Big Poppa but Notorious for B.I.G
So trick when you grab this d**k, you gon' work a lot
'Cause it's just like Cascade - known to hit all the spots

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