Worldwide Choppers (Genius Remix) Lyrics

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As always I'll introduce myself, hi I'm Dayer
I'm Kobe with a gun, but my team not called the Lakers
I'm the good luck child, guess my mama Leigh Allyn Baker
You unlucky motherf**ker put up with sh*t like toilet paper
She says I'm a savage when she don't wanna f**k me
Cause I like rough sex n***a I don't use that KY Jelly
I'm not a sweet guy, that's why I'd rather lather on chutney
Sorry everybody, this cypher turned really ugly
I tend to ramble, it's a gamble whether I'm mean or nice
Gotta roll the dice to be suffice, not once or twice but thrice
You gotta blow on the head then bite on it like lice
Break the die, drown you in dye, you'll die and pay the price
In my life I always feel like there is something missin'
Is it money, love from my honey, or is it puffing piffins?
Is it the lack of food can stacks up in my kitchen?
No b*t*h it was Genius, I finally have a purpose for living

Hello everybody, you can call me Kris
I'm proud to call myself JD's miss
I can't rap, but don't you dare diss
I'll turn you into liquid like p*ss
Basically don't mess with me, hope you get the gist
I won't use any weapons but I'll flick you with my wrist
Punch you in the face with a fist
I take note of everything I'm like a list

Get God on the phone
Too late, dial tone
These ain't bars, this is barbarity
R2 back to life, I'm a rarity
Comparably, I see three POs gettin' tarnished
Look at me shine, in ya blood I'm varnished
I'm the doc, when I rock I drop narcotics
My arms around your neck, I'm hooked on phonics
I chronicle your monikers and tick 'em off
You monitor your monarchs, I sit here and scoff
Work around the clock, my memory persists
Like Father Time, ain't a rapper but got the latest diss
You know it's my crown, it's prone to a meltdown
Now focus and attempt to emulate these sounds
While I bring the heat 'round
You're fit to learn the proper meaning of a beatdown

I wrote a fire verse, but my cat stepped on my keyboard
And deleted it all so now I only got these three words
"I spit hot fire"

Making my way downtown
Walking fast, faces pa** and I'm home bound
Staring blankly ahead
Just making my way, making a way through the crowd
And I need you
And I miss you
And now I wonder....
If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pa** me by?
Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you

ScopeY's flow's like rubbing two logs
But he cannot count
Tight jeans on her waist
But that a** still bounce
Make her walk a thousand miles
To let me know she's certain
Oh God! Too slow
Nids just f**ked, Vanessa Carlton

It’s funny how some things can turn so fast
One minute you smile and skip, the next you’re fighting for it to last
Before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger
And the person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger
Screaming and wailing and wishing for it to be okay
All you really want is someone to take you away
But most times nobody will come and save you
So you’re left all alone wondering what to do
Clouds rolling over your mind like a bowling ball
Red leaves crashing down like the middle of the fall
Criticized for the things you do and the things you say
Do they even notice you’re having a bad day?
Make them realize like a fire in the shade
That if they mess with you they’re destined to fade

Chatting with my friends, they aren't even worthy
Some b*t*hes call me Kinik, I ain't Kinik, that's the group that tried to cop me
I can't write right now I'm stumped, I ain't shook
All I know is there ain't no such thing as half way crooks
Kinda wanna write a long a** verse to take the transcription
I'm an IQ w**** and a scriber w****, I'm the whole package
Don't mess with me or I'll release ScopeY on your a** and send you packin'
But this ain't beef, not like a cow
I threw that line is for some cringe-worthy clowns
I'm literally lmao'ing at my verse
It can't be this trash
I guess it is, oh well
I'll just go back to chat

Mix that milk with that Nequik, mix it Gramma
Mix that mints with that cocoa, mix it Gramma
Mix them m&ms with that cookie, mix it Gramma
Mix that milk with that Nesquik, mix it Gramma
Warm that sh*t up, get tasty as f**k
Mix that sh*t up, get warm as f**k
Warm that sh*t up, get tasty as f**k
Mix that sh*t up, get warm as f**k

No memes, no gimmicks, no in-jokes or cheap tricks
My rhyming dictionary told me to say apteryx
What you heard is true, I'm just no fun
There's zero chance that I'll die a real one
I've got one pa**port, I'm never going to jail
Some of my plaques still written in Braille
I'm not A Patch of Blue, I'm Mozart and the Whale
I'm playing twelve games of chess by mail

I flow like a synonym; coke, blow
Click-pow, a slug just entered your bowels
I don't even know if that made sense
Regardless, it still made me cents

Gonna one two with Sun Tzu, prepare for war
Beef with me’s like f**king cain, rare and raw
I set it off like Lorena Bobbitt with a pair of balls
Spray you dead in the face worse than aerosol
Cross between an eagle and falcon: ravenous hawk
Gonna pirate a DVD and then strangle an albatross
Karl Marx and Socrates, philosophies of a prodigy
What genius ain’t crazy? Such a beautiful dichotomy

Unlucky verse, you know it's gonna be mean
It ain't babouk, you know I'm bah boo sea
You think it's about you, well it's not about me
Tyrant says don't add a verse...b*t*h please
F**k up this sh*t harder than Niday
Can't come up with a rhyme, but his name rhymes with Friday?
I like him, no lie, but his verse was a hack
Only thing worse than A Thousand Miles is FACK

You don't wanna f**k with this, epitome of ruggedness
Mothaf**kas try to kill me, shoot your bullets, I be duckin' it
I buck it quick, stupid cracker c**ts, I'll hang em' from a f**kin' tree
I'm a f**kin' beast and a f**kin' G, I lied, can't you f**king see?
On here, f**k a white hood; mothaf**ka fear the whitehat
Cause if you try to take us down, mothaf**ka we'll be right back
We'll drag your body down the street and tie it to the bike rack
You can't see me in a court of law, but you can cite that
I'm the fifteenth cracker retard that wants to rap in horrorcore
Get a dollar out of 15 cents, I wanna borrow more
Eat up the compet**ion, ya'll f**kers eat a**, like a carnivore
F**k it, ban me now, I got a rifle and I will start a war

Hold Up biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatchhhh
This your favorite user
Translation Je vais voler ton fille dans mon lit
Namaste I eat pie and Vesuvius destroyed a city
Alright, smart like this on a night like this
Book In my hand I'll study like this
And I do more than tate, it's a job
Number #1 player on COD
Why is swinelord still not an ed
Cuz staff just feel like BoB
Freeus is a scriber and pressburg is a bot
And when I say HAA HAA HAA HAA b*t*h that be Ndot
My lil bro is dank like a tank
And you don't want to mess with his sw***
So just go and sip your purple drank
He gets more pu**y than you
So just go off and w***
And also #freebuffalo

Rhyming words
Is really hard
Kinikdrick lamar

Im depressed

Motherf**ker, I am the devil
With the pedal to the heavy metal, ironically taking the low road on the highway to hell in a handbasket
Hissing at the sun, slithering out of the coffin, coughing, hibernating on a bed of nails in a damn casket
My apologies, I arrived to the party a week late with body bags squirming in my trunk, lathered in blood
But a party ain’t a party till’ the black magic pract**ioner steps in the building, entirely devoid of love
I never learn my lesson, sniff a line, get liquored up and let anyone have this punishing viciousness
A f**king demonic automaton, with barbwire spools creeping across my keyboard with perniciousness
Ensconcing this convoluted wickedness in every iota of space within each and every sulcus and gyrus
Beating down a reverend with bolt cutters, it’s a sickness, writing Hebrew in reverse on the papyrus
Boxing this edgy toddler with a teething ring more times than a cubicle, jamming needles in cuticles
I am not a human being, drop gender specific articles, you will refer to me as “it”, that’s indisputable
But enough of that sickening sh*t, I’m evil—you get it, but I’ll be sipping with my features on beaches
Private Malibu seaside suites, swinging in a hammock with those gilded, tepid, milk-warm breezes
Silver skylines with quavering palm trees, leads straight to debauched, luminous, night life antics
We are the pinnacle, with these ubiquitous, formidable worldwide choppers, from killers to romantics
Committing verbicide with Kings and Tyrants every day, spewing pa**els of inflammatory dysphemisms
Drew a dark picture of a two-faced, dented, twisted individual like Harvey, shyly inking these syllogisms
Slicing off your hands if you’re catching Z’s on our bars, 3 X’s on the florescent lights, sinful carnal chaos
You think it’s a game till’ the masters of masochism and lords of swine put their eye to the scope and burn you like a candle in a séance
Doing high level deals with pushers in Moldova and Monica Babuc accompanied by Mrs. Martinez
Double crossed em’, punctured em’ like needles carving a vinyl record, more lurid than zombie pieces
Nicky and I kidnapping your boys, push em’ in a van under some streetlights, reflecting off our chrome
We’re the only ones trouncing you with cleats, drowning your soul in infectious magma, alexithymia is contagious
Almost as if I’m a negative empath, I don’t feel sh*t, swan dive into a bottle and corrupt elated angels
Follow us all around the planet, we do damage with no apology, and if you anybody you notice this, we’re light years ahead of our peers cause this is the motherf**king Worldwide Choppers Remix! Ya’ trick

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