Words I Never Said (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Yeah, they tell you “never say never”, cause forever’s a fact
They tell you, never say n***a to a dude who ain't black
But if the connotations change to a n***a being my man
Than why can’t I just call a dude who is just that?
And I never said “Dad”, NO, never said those words
Never felt he earned um, never felt he deserved
Never been scurred so I never said scared
I only speak truth so I never said “dare”
Never said “No”. Always said “yeah”
My n***as kept toast but they never said “cheers”
Never said “different” Never said “weird”
Cause I hated being called that
Than they said “square” and I caught that
Never said “give up” dog, I fought back
Never said “quit, couldn’t, won’t” and all that
Never said “lend me” Never said “Give me”
I never said “remember” cause you never could forget me
To all the girls I’ve hurt and never said “forgive me”, Forgive me!
Never said “game”, never said “pimpin”
Never said “I do”, unless I promise I will
So I’ve never been married, not scary thats just my deal
Never said “hate” cause love is all that I feel
Always been authentic so never felt to say “I’m real”
Never told my OG “N-O”, no!
No matter what it is, I got ‘em to the end yo
Never said fan I’ve only said fam?
Never said I’ll sit down, never said I ran
Always say “go for it” and never said “stop it” if my momma need anything I never said I don’t got it

These are words I never said, said, said, said
These are words I never said, said, said, said
Nah, I don’t speak ‘em
And I don’t try to teach ‘em
People try to say ‘em
But I just don’t believe ‘em

“B*t*h, a**, snitch, pu**y, fake f**k”
Never say that round my hood unless you tryna lace up
Never said “bum”, while people losing jobs, pay cuts
Never said “crackhead”, just a lost soul that blaze up
Never said “surrender”, never gave information
Never raise my right hand, never entered the station
Never said “freeze”, never said “halt”
Cause we never played cops on the block that I was taught
Never said “end a life”, never said “in your life”
We say walk out on death and then we enter life
Never said fame was worth it, I just said get a price
Never said “Loser”, lasers because we give ‘em light
Never said “I’m the best”, always room of improvement
Never said I was next, just one of the ones to do it
“Sell out faggot won’t make it and hope that n***a dead”
Don’t believe, I wish it, I promise these are words I never said

Yeah, shouts out to Lupe Fiasco, Lasers in stores now
Vizzy, year of the Squarians!

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