Word Around Town Lyrics

X-man Lyrics

Sweet Team

All these pussies need my d**k
Meet inside the twitching slits
got a little with the smell of rotten holes
I gotta smell the juicy mucus fill inside us through my nose
Take a sniff, take a bid for myself
Take a whiff, keep it stiff
The torso grows with every rotten with
With every sloppy drip fossil resin, gonna teach you a lesson, the lesson
Every pleasant pu**y's wet for
I'm dressing, ingested all my pleasant rumours for the cult
Every single orgasm's for the one and only
Carnival of flesh, sick troop leave you boning
Spit loose, cream your boning
D**k juice creaming foaming at the pu**y mouth slowly
Pussies half boning, enlighten us in explosion
Like you're rotten, bloated their torso
Stay away from my boner
From my bone, boner, boner, boner, boner

Sweet Team
Sweet Team
to the greenover crew
Sweet Team sh*t on the way and be on the lookout chalice in the five chapters to the greenover
Child supporter after I see you
Just in the big family worldwide
Y'all already know what it is? Sweet Team!

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