‘’WINTER RAIN’’ Lyrics

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I grue my pain, out of the way
Then i put it when it go down in the drain

. then i put it when it got down in the drain


My momma die when i was 2 years old
N***as i was just the 2 years old
B*t*hies be hating her 4 years gone
N***as has never been there
, put it on her was right there

But got my grandmother there

This b*t*hies be hating they saying they there
These n***as has never been there
They claiming life fair
Put it on her was right there

Sueing  you best a gorilla
Piter pipper i'm horita

Ta 2 eme darone m'appelle chou
Mais pet**e pute tes tros chou
Et tu me regarde bien chelou

Winter rain
Winter rain
On my clue
My winter rain
Je perce tous les jours
Pour pas devenir fou

Et toute c t**e pute veulent me mettre a la rue
Jai un '' zero '' en cours

Deux '' zero'' sur mon compte en banque
Little b*t*hies like my water banque

Give me the green
I go to the never land

Call out them fakes, they gave me they politics
Never been all thru that loyal tics
Call all them n***as that owing me


My flow is intreegante
Close to the beat

Am intimate
Im kelling it
Winter rain
My winter rain

Rest in peace
Or get in peace
N***as be all on my
Clique tell them to leave
N***as they just wanna peace
Send me the list
N***a good bye rest in peace
N***a im relavent
Elavating it will never end
Yall be hatin ,it never end
See u in never land
See when u call it
Will never end


N***as be all in my plate
Give them a taste
I dont like them anyways

We came to slay
B*t*h we dont play

.winter rain
. winter rain
.hinner rain

''zero " zero nero

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