Willy Wonkavator Lyrics

XV Lyrics

Look at the beats that I done buried
Tell me I can’t bless this like five Hail Mary’s
Dead is so grateful that I'mma have to tell Jerry
Clearly, I’m still going unaware of the unwary
Yeah, haters stay imaginary as five fairies in the library
Eating on snozzberries, say, I rarely got the city on my back
You Lisa Simpson n***as need to get off my saxs
I rep that deuce one. Blackjack
Riding and I’m lifting up my hood like a hatchback
Whipping in my hot wheel, ain’t riding on no snap track
I’m after Slum Dog Millions, you after Kat Stacks
Better wear a condom and a hazmat
B*t*hes waste my time I wouldn’t give ‘em in a flashback
Rappers fill they flash drives with whack tracks
Couldn’t break a record with a gla** plaque
Motherf**ker, that’s that, I bag hunnies like MCM n***a
Championship ballin like Wimbledon n***a
The dudes that talk big, I never envy them n***as
They been lying since forever like MGM n***a
It’s hard to quit the bull, they be on some Jordan sh*t
’Cause when you really do it, you don’t choose it, you were born in it
So I do it for my FAM and you, Florida sh*t
And I'mma kill a n***a on some Dexter Morgan sh*t
I promise mama that college just wasn’t for the kid
‘Cause I’m after the trophies you don’t box up in storages
Nobody ever sing my praises
Amazing now I’m hopping up on stages where they all singing my choruses
Said f**k a job, now all I do is f**king work
Like a naughty secretary or a sl*tty nurse
Got the last laugh on people who acted funny first
Hungry like the homeless but I never spit a bummy verse
Signed with Warner, now I got that Bugs Bunny smirk
What up Doc? Seven's Spock and I’m a younger Kirk
Stay with hard lines like a Modern Warfare perk
And always throwing up my city until my tummy hurt
Dynamite life, let’s have a blast all over these bars, put it on my tab
Gunning for the roses and I’m strumming like Slash
I don’t toot my own horn, I brought the whole bra**
Put my bars on the graph, everything’s proportion
‘Cause I never spit no trash, these are worth a fortune
‘Cause n***as throw me a** cap, they need Aflac
Conceited about my good tracks, I always get a bad rap
I plot my winds just like it to wear a gas mask
And my gear is high end like giraffe a**
I’m after that dollar, almost four quarters
And Warner's about to put me in the last half

Now watch they stock just go up
Your album dropping soon, tell em hold up
Vizzy lifting drinks, tell em pour up
My Willy Wonkavator bout to go up

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