Wildland Fire


Wildland Fire By Asphyx

Blackened horizons obscure the sun
A howling, living engine of devastation
Arson, drought, lightning, spontaneous combustion
Nature on the rampage, widespread destruction

Untamable monster, formidable pyre
Frenzied catastrophe, wildland fire

Burning vegetation, abundance of fuel
Ferocious winds hamper any rescue
Brave fighter units battling the blaze
In extreme conditions suppressing the waves

Ancor point located, rockslide, road or lake
To prevent outflanking, create the firebreak
Unbearable temperatures, hot embers fly
Prompting evacuation of the complexes nearby

Millions of acres consumed by the flames
Smoldering ashes are all that remains
Charring inferno, towering high
Raging, scorching heat, wildland fire

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