Wild Christmas Lyrics

????? ???????? (Verka Serdyuchka) Lyrics

There's a party in the bathtub
People hanging from the chandelier
We turned the place into a night club
Mama’s riding on a rain dear
There's a fire in the kitchen
We're making love under the mistletoe
Now common tell us all your wishes
But be careful what you’re wishing for
Cause Santa Clause is coming to town
He crashed his sleigh into our house
You can hear him scream
You can hear him shout
"Hey where's my drink I need it now!"
Let's have a wild wild christmas
And a wicked new year
Let's get a little bit tipsy
And start snow ball fight in here
We have a wild wild christmas
And a wicked new year
We get a little bit wasted
While Santa's swinging from the christmas tree
We got penguins in the garden
And the DJ is a leprichaun
So common over join the party
He's playing all your favorite songs
Freaky people stay united
We're getting higher than the atmosphere
Everybody is invited
Let's have a wild wild christmas and wicked new year

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