WhyDon’tYouJustGiveMeTheBag (SeshRadio: Volume 2) Lyrics

?greaf Lyrics

Why don't you just give me the bag?
Give you the bag?
Sir, would you mind telling me what's going on here?
Chrissy, I'll handle this
Fellas, you seem to want this bag pretty bad

Pink lemonade shoes roll raspberry blunts
While you out here gettin' stressed bet I'm home gettin' buck
Side up when we buck, SESH never gave a f**k
Holdin' out both hands but you'll never get a buck
When your album gon' flop they gon' say it's dumb luck
Ain't nobody wanna own up to the fact that sh*t suck
Begone little men, begone little boys
Ain't no place for wannabes, this the level with the noise
Sidewalk talk, it's the avenue thought
No crease in my jeans, no wallet, no watch
Place in the trees, breeze blowin' to the east
Inhale what I got then I disappear with ease
My legs get weak when the Backwoods cheap
Two hearts in my eyes, smile cheek to f**kin' cheek
Fruits on the trees, bag of flax seed
Juice on the ground, spitting pits in the weeds

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