Whose Mans Is This Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

All my life I’ve been denied at opportunities/
But with the music its like everything been fueling me/
I’m tryna make a buzz/
Within these light years/
Doing all that I can just so I can be here/
Visualize I’m going down the horizon moving faster than forza mortorsports rising/
But no one knows they like/

Yes I’m young I’m on a rap addiction needing my fix/
Overdosing Janis Joplin/
They asking me what I’m smoking /
When I think I’m getting degrees PHD’s upon this whole spoken/
Yeah I know I’m a nerd/
Getting money and taking your girl goddamn it’s absurd/
Just a kid from Atlanta/
Breaking records with a hammer/
Tryna be the best MC keeping a higher standard/
Yo whose mans is this/

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