Who’s Next? [S1.E3] Lyrics

#Z42 Lyrics

Yarrr woo oi oi oi oi

Df baby it’s df ???
I stab that neek if he step to here
Df is talking facts not someone who likes chat
B with a wap or rammy goes in chest
Free ls that man went back again
Job after job and that for the bricks
Solo in the 2 nobody who df catch
0 aiming on you and he shoot
Gunkolf with gun and trows you in the bushes
10 toes with a gun the opps running away
Quarter to late but a big mouth
One wrong move and i let you lay on the ground
With nk bruce ???
I trow him on the ground because he went to us
Back my sword from the left he’s dashing he’s gone
Pengthing on me my gyallie is getting mad
Needed to race ???
I jump onto the scooter fuel goes fast
Like Ls wacked that opp going stretched
Like who’s on who s9 did the dash
Shortguy with a machette have it on the left
With a gyalli on me she riding me in the trap
Like i back my tool if i 42 step
Like yo bro say me who’s on who
Step to there with my stainless steal
I got that tool on back i have on me
The opps don’t want the heat
Like Sevenk how he has that case
V2 on isn’t on something he doesn’t belong in the streets
He first claimed K after that Hd v2spooky now a zonetwo neek
2 on my hip Df never lacking
Ls backed that shank and he’s sheffing in chest or lung
Hitsquad that is gang b*t*h
Ys cut them of i am with Tenkay
Hold up wait i am with z42 do the 42 step get your machete with you
Goal aimed back wapps and i spray
Kv cut or i am with db
With ls i say bro don’t panic t.i.b if i am with c
Step to much it getting to your head
Still riding out i call Sevenk
Step on blocks with my rammy
If i don’t got it yfb got it
Robbery after robbery i’m still doing it
Feds saying df that one who sprayed
No one who’s spraying
No snitching on number 1
Like never snitched like g
Yo your b*t*h handling my di**
If i swinging onto tour head
Are you gonna back your mate
Or dashing with your hand on belly like jer***
Are you gonna back your chat or you gonna run like m*
Yfb empties clips he’s doing it with framez
Df again it is that shortguy
Back your bredrin hoping hes survive
If i see s9 i back it no lie
Slide with db dennaa my guyss
Like you never ride
Your bro is being chased he losed us with his bike
On rkl city neek thats now hiding
Z42 i gonna back for life
Z42 i gonna back them for ever
Going on a glide with my bros
Stainless steel i back it and wack em
Machete on left i back it and kwef em
Never lacking snitch you need to back your chat
Neeks are now with opps first they want to be our friends
Didn’t react when i dm him
Sayless that bithboy is now fog
Now he’s fog
But first he wanted to step
Slide to the 2 or 6 with some weapons
With two people on a scooter like
The opps are chatters
Are you stabbing when your backing your shank
Z42 we are letting you crash


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