Whole Lotta Cash Lyrics

1WayFrank Lyrics

No silver spoons
B*t*h I stick & move
I'm the black Tim Allen
B*t*h I keep that tool
I don't play by the rules if you do you will loose
Have you ever seen a duck pull a truck fool
I'm the truth, I'm in the coupe I
Got the top down
I'm coming through I'm
Sliding goods too they salute I
Got so much love for the hood I
Duffle up duffle up duffle up jook
And give ya hoe skraight wood
I'm a city boy from the city side
I was hitting licks on sunrise
Wake up early morning I'm snapping'
B*t*h I don't give a f**k if you trappin'
Or who ya people is I gotta have it
& if that hoe booty fat imma grab it
Look, 1WAY from that gutta
Hoe I'm so smooth like b***er
Pockets fat like Ruben Studdard
Country boy in Oklahoma
On route plenty land like I'm from here
Florida boy Broward county Ft Lauderdale
Boy you will get popped like an x pill
Don't kill my vibe homie just chill

1-Way be snapping
Whole lotta cash on me

I'm groovy and I'm choosy
Bad b*t*hes trynna seduce me
Came a long way from ducking in that hoopty
Got the skreets behind me like I'm Lil Boosie
I just bought a tech and dropped a tat on my neck
Stay cost up yup gotta stay blessed
Gotta keep a check, yup n***a thats a bet
It's so much money out here

Young n***a stack that bread
Don't do it if ya scared
& if you do it use your head
You ain't gotta car better use your legs

1way be snappin'
1way be snappin'
I really be snappin' these dudes they be cappin'
I really be snappin' these dudes they be cappin'

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