?whole damn week 2 Lyrics

Sewerperson Lyrics

If I could hear these walls, I'd lose my mind
The rest of my heart lays in scraps on my arm
We just gotta get into every other night, it's like we got to
Walking out my house, I see the panes you put the rocks through
I ain't change my phone
Those texts are green because I blocked you
I hope you doing better now with no one else to talk to
I had left in the pouring rain for an early trip I planned yesterday
Smile painted across my face as I board this plane going far away
Why was pain so quickly dealt? It seems that I have forgot myself
Belting out into open space as we mumble hymns from a broken place

Whole damn week I was wondering where the cash at
Whole damn week I was moving outta glad bags
World so bleak, I been dodging all the mouse traps
Words heavy, I can make it feel my back crack
Reach the next day, I'll never know
Is she okay? I better hope, yuh
Freckle pale face tarped over bones
Sleeping half baked, eyes ain't even closed, damn

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