White Horse Lyrics

7: AMP Lyrics

I have a dream today
That one day this nation will rise up
And little black children
And little white children
Will hold hands

I'm a black man living in this white man's world
I gotta watch my back he might rape my girl
Cuz he did one time, he'll do that sh*t again
I'm the black american with the paperback skin
Now all he ever gave me was a knot and a rope
Cracker get your hands off my throat
And unlock these chains and let me go
And don't hit me with that whip no more
All told me that America was 50/50
I've been bamboozled, hoodwaggled, tricked me
Why all the time my people gotta suffer
This the white man, you a dirty little hustler
And you rather see a n***a dead and rotten
Or somewhere on a cotton field picking cotton
But a brother like me I can't touch that sh*t
So you better give me my money b*t*h
Now you wanna kill me with your AIDS and your crack
I'll help the Indians take the motherf**ker back
And run over them white boys
Give the money and the guns and the power to the black boys
And build a whole new nation
And burn all the politicians as a demonstration
Check the voice, black people don't you ride no

White horse, don't ride no white horse
Don't you ride no horse

I'll never marry a white girl, I'll stay single
Cuz those hoes just want Mandingo
Back in the day a n***a would've got hung
Black a** n***a you know you wrong
I ain't saying nothing, white man gonna get ya
Look like O.J. shoulda stayed with that sista but
Can't tell a n***a nothing
Cuz the black man always trying to be something else besides hisself
N***a this a matter of life and death
Stick with your kind
Cuz some of us n***as done lost our minds
And it makes me wonder
Who let Jane in the jungle
Amongst the real man
I'ma run that goddamn b*t*h back to Tarzan
Make me sick on my stomach
All praises due to Elijah Muhammed
Cuz I hear no evil, I see no evil, I speak no evil
I love no evil
Pull your panties back up
Cuz that ain't the pu**y I like to f**k
And I'ma check the voice
Black man don't you f**k no
White horse, don't ride no white horse
Don't you love no white horse

I ain't Martin Luther King but I still got a dream
That one day my people gonna see this scheme and
Open they eyes up
One day this nation will rise up
I've been to the promised land
But it ain't promising nothing to the black man
Struggle is all I see
Cuz struggle is all he ever gave to me
And his father before him and his daddy before him
Now they try to treat a n***a just like them
And we the last of the slaves
But the policeman tell me to behave
Or he'll revoke my pa**
And throw them chains back on my a**
I check the voice
My n***a don't you ride no

White horse, don't ride no white horse
Don't you ride no white horse

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