Where are my chanclas? Lyrics

?svrite Lyrics

Ayy, yuh
Yuh, ayy, ayy, ayy

Okay, I don't stay in school, ayy
But I keep my tool, ayy
I don't f**k with shawties that be actin' very rude, ayy
B*t*h, she gon' suck my d**k, ayy
Do it very big, ayy
And she f**kin' wit' a n***a when I hit a lick, ayy
I be hittin' lick, ayy
She gon' know my tricks, ayy
Like I'm a magician but she call me a magician, ayy
And I love all this sh*t
Me and my n***a are nutritious, ayy
B*t*h, I'm eatin' good
And you know I'm with the sh*t, let's roll

Rollin' ten deep like the X-Force, uh
I'm slippery like a wet floor, uh
She tryna f**k, I'm like, "Yes, w****," uh
Told that b*t*h, "Come meet me next door"
I swear y'all so original
Had to get physical wit' all y'all n***as again
I had to hop out the crib just to hop in the Bimmer
And I had to pimp out the Benz, yeah
My b*t*h crazy, ayy
Pull up in that Wraith
I roll down the window, pistol to yo' f**kin' face
She give me neck, I break a sweat
I break her back, that's what she get
I'm gonna grip, dual wield TEC's
Get out my face, b*t*h, I'm makin' some bread, ayy

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