What Plan (God’s Plan Remix) Lyrics

Xenial Lyrics

Yeah they wishin they wishin/
Yeah they wishin on me/
To stop with this rap sh*t/
Nah, look/

All these other rappers garbage/
I ain't even flossing I'm just being honest/
Picking n***as pockets taking all they watches/
Taking time back can't nobody stop it/
F**king with a goddess cause she only stay down/
Never talking when she put her hair down/
But she talking when I put the air out/
Thinking why don't you spray n***as lay down/
Goddamn 678 know I'm the man/
Out of Atlanta they know who I am/
Wait take it back cause I bury a track staying underground plotting for plans/
I'm just all up on the gram/
Making videos tryna gain a few fans/
Coming with rapping I'm making it happen/
Xenial the baddest making new laws of the land/
If you mumble then I guess you put out/
Like my momma kicked me out of the house/
Nah I'm joking but for real now/
All these wack artists can lay down/
Sucking off the same rap blogs in the same stalls with the same ball pair /
Never will these n***as blast off on a track cause they have no knowledge /
Yeah I said it/
Play it back, reverse it, never edit/
Anything I say cause if I said it then I guess I meant it never taking back sh*t and I ain't repenting/
Look me up on Reddit f**k it check my Twitter/
XenialHipHop with a middle finger to my haters who say I can't make it in rap/
If so kiss my a** and you can battle that/

I don't give a f**k if people sleeping on me/
I'ma wake em up and let these verses achieve/
Everything that I wanted now I'm coming for kings/
But I gotta make my castle first with some rings/
What plans?/
What plans?/
I don't have any but I'm here to make demands/
What plans?/
What plans? Give a f**k bout what you be thinking of me in the end/

F**k what you think of my verses/
I'm hoping to rip open stages and curse like I'm hurting/
The churches I went to that saved me from choking my compet**ion but they not convincing me to blow up the game like I've been Triple H/
Working on music here on daily base/
As I'm sliding headfirst screaming f**k the fame/
Tryna do all that I can to make a lane/
I'm tryna just create a name/
Tryna just get to the game now/
Tryna just get to the cash/
Make a few plays it's okay now/
Tryna just do all I can just so I can be the man now/
And do everything inside of my power to make the whole fam proud/
God's Plan/

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