What Dat Mouf Do Lyrics

3st Lyrics

Everybody loves her
For them hips and ma**ive t**s
I’m more concerned with
What she doing with them lips
Her head game was impressive
She suppressed her gag reflex
And took it so far down her throat
That she started to digest it
She can get it all
From head to balls
She use my rooster as a toothbrush
And my pubic hair as dental floss
I can recall every luck broad
Who sucked me off
I don’t forget them
I remember every face I
Come across
She told me that
She wanna try bondage
She braces me to the bed
And she promise she’d
Retain her breath to give me
Head geared to how I want it
But I’d normally want to see
An orthodontist for those sort of problems
She got a Harvard Law
Doctorate in fellation
Throat depth
D**k length
One to one ratio
If you adore oral
This song’s about you
How bout you show me girl
What dat mouf do

I was talking to this broad
And she was telling
Me that sixty-nine with her ex
Was a lame bore
But with me
She called it a seventy-seven
Because in this situation
She ate more
My d**k’s a hippopotamus
Get your lady friends and ask them
If I lick a lot of puss
She does it cause she likes it
I don’t have to tell her to
She's Mrs. Fudd
Cause her favorite food
Is Elmer’s glue
If she heard the filthy words
That spill and blurt out of my lips
I know that she’d flip
I’m tongue in cheek
When I talk about a***ingus
Gotta keep my mouth
On lock and key around her
Cause with one slip of the tongue
I’d be in deep sh*t
She a w**** to the core
Her tongue’s depressed
And my wang provides
Oral support
She’s a good girl
Smart, sweet and chipper
But she switches into a stripper
When I whisper
What dat mouf do

For her lips
It’s opening night
Like curtains over her jaws draped
They start to part ways
Revealing a dark stage
Suddenly a spot blazes
And my c*ck breaks
Out into a song
Makes like a Pasek and Paul play
Cause she could be cla**y
But she knows I like the
Broad way
Shawty sucks
But she does it quite the opposite
And she kinda reminds me of
Birds in a flock a bit
That chicken neck’s got a
Talent for pecking wood
And I get the impression
By the way she fly
She got a swallow jizz
Got a buckle for her to undo
I got this black belt
In the art of tongue-fu
Oh you want me to demonstrate
So you know how it works
How bout you sit down on my face
While I finish this verse
I’m fluent in cunnulingus
Elegant with an
Unlimited vocabulary of loving
Let me lecure a little bit
My tongue is moving like a lunatic
I litter a clitoris in
Belligerent locomotion
When I’m licking it
I lubricate a labia with lyrical lava
Sipping a lady like a pina colada
Till I got her wriggling
Like an epileptic
Gonna need a Klonopin when I show her
What dat mouf do

What dat mouf do

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