What Chew Want Lyrics

Quakers Lyrics

Da na na na na na na
Da na na na na na na
What you
Da na na na na na na na
Da na na na na na na
What you
Da na na na na na na
Da na na na na na na
What you
Da na na na na na na na

Tone Tank
White man spend money like a black man
Make a little bit of sex 'cause I'm an Italian
It doesn't work, before I get my first cheque
I'm thinking 'bout a Cadillac, and something fat around her neck
Fat gold chain like Scoolly D
Throw some shades on, and ain't no one as cool as me
Desmond Decker, he ain't even as rude as me
And he's a rudeboy so that tells you how rude I be
See, if I was a bankrobber, I'd devise some type of plot that would outsmart the coppers
and trained on command to sic balls like Chopper
Like Chopper, in the movie Stand By Me
Roll like Morgan Freeman in the movie Lean on Me
Kinda always thought I'd die young like River Phoenix
Or Lou Diamond Phillips in the movie La Bamba
King of space ba**, a new musical genre
One smacked a man with near five hundred dollars
I got that caesar style, I got that caesar style
Told the barber, "No don't nudge , give me a caesar style."
Is it gay if it you give a girl a reach-around?
Or does it all more depend on what you're reaching for?
I keep it cooler than the inside of a freezer door
Put a youngun under the wing like baby eagle-hawk
I forget more good rhymes than most rappers have
I forget more good lines than even I have
Let me take a second, write it down in the pad
Let me put it down, before I forget
Get rhymes in my head when riding the diamond
Put 'em in the book and get 'em home and refine 'em
I got a chequered past, just like a chequered cab
Or someone with a chequered past driving a chequered cab
Ride round in the city with me and my better half
Got a pretty woman drivin' and I got a chequered cab
I got a weapon stash, you got a weapon stash?
Yeah you better bet your a** 'cause you can't be too careful
Got my arm out the window ridin' round Chinatown
They got ducks in the window, and the garbage on the ground, Ayo
I dedicate this to my cousin Mark
My little cousin, I keep you livin' in my heart forever

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