We All Struggle Lyrics

X-el Lyrics

This isn't the end for you
Bigger plans have been made for you
I know it's been tough, but, you've made it through
And I'm proud of you
You're tired but not defeated
Feel like a nail in a tire, deflated
Suicidal at moments, you know you've debated
Depressed, and you hate it
Wondering why you were ever created
The Devil likes to prey on people like you and me
Most people say they pray with an "A" when it's really an "E"
If you got knocked down, get back on your feet
So many times you've packed up to leave
But you could never pack up your heart
Looking for that finish line to only end up back at the start
Refuse to look back 'cause it's hard
Your lips don't tell the tales told by your scars
Think that you're ugly when you're really a star
Life is funny, it'll make you believe you're someone you aren't
And life might've pushed you a little too far
Pull in the drive, and you sit in your car
Wondering how you managed to make it this far
Watch time vanish, don't know which version you are
The person at church or the one at the bar
Verses didn't help as much as vodka did
Took two shots of it when the jitters hit
Knocked the edge off before "Dinner, kids"
I didn't know church people struggled, was only taught sinners did
Truth is, we're all sinners, kids
And kids of sinners, too
People try to act spiritual, it's what sinners do
God's love for them isn't any bigger than His love for you
The industry hates me for speaking the truth
But I'm not speaking to them, I'm speaking to you
The suicidal alone in your room
That pregnant teen with no clue what to do
That cutter who got judged, misused, and abused
I'm not talking to the religious, I'm talking to you
The imperfect, the beautiful
I try to get through you, poetic, it's musical
But they call me a witch, pathetic, The Crucible
I seldom mention Salem witches
Wish death upon others and get those wishes granted
But probably not how you planned it
What goes around comes around
The people who hate the most already live underground
So six-feet-deep won't feel so new when death rolls around
Pine boxes for blind foxes and wolves
My mind often obsesses on souls
If I had one wish, I'd wish Hell would be empty and Heaven would be full
I'm not afraid of death, but I'm scared to get old
Listen, you may have been hurt by man, but you're loved by God
You may have lost your way, but, it's not over for you
You are a child of God
Don't ever let this world take your ident**y and fill you with fear
God is still on His throne
You are loved
Jesus wins, period
It's all gonna be okay
And that's just me speaking to you straight from my heart

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