War Zone (Remix) Lyrics

60 Second Assassin Lyrics

There's some sick sh*t goin' on in here
A bunch of n***as is goin' crazy
Y'nahmean? Straight up and down
What the f**k is goin' on yo?
I can't believe it
N***as is the nicest y'all
Division/CCF, Darkman

Yo I flash jewels, wear no tattoos
I'm hard like statues, thirsty for Cash Rules
Son I send a wild dime piece to lick you
Then wid your pants down n***a I stick you
Clever, so I tell poems quick, Cellphone flips
Beside sellin' grams I sell you a whole brick
Plus my flow's sick, then a b*t*h with AIDS
And my bullets twist n***as like Spreewell braids

Street slug incinerator, Brooknam generator, f**k haters
Design with the rhymes to shine across the equator
Spit gravitation, these b*t*h n***as stay fakin'
Got no time for playin, guns sprayin', bodies layin'
My son's pockets achin', an everyday hood situation
We live on revelations, f**k contemplatin'
And yeah, many hung in the jungle
Stamina black panel I jack with the hammer attack
Now where your sons at?

Get off my n***as, sh*t on your n***as
Click on your n***as, get off my n***as
Hatin' Don't Pay
You wanna live off our riches?

It was devil one great in 7-1-8, let it be him
State rapper insest, corporate DMs
In the Lex or the BM, n***as get stress when they see 'em
Bust Techs in the BMs, sex, European checks
Or Koreans wrap tight like durags
Crackin' white and blue bags, about to cop the new Jag
Off the lot or on the spot, I rap for Ju-maicans
And pawn shops, Cronz hot, I got the block on lock
Aiyo Cronz, Cronz I told you my n***a

Rhyme spit , it's a Time to click
Comin' out your pocket with your money plus lint
I got a .22 and a .25 spit
I'm lookin' at a potential slip
Go 'head my n***a go 'head and flip
Already done, emptied the clip
Catch a tour and then split , I got 20 years in head of this sh*t
international pimp , every verse in the script

Shoot a fair one, you need help shoot a flare gun, blap blap blap blap
Emergency, my team emerge with me
I got the game on DVD, so watch me now
The sharper the metal the deeper the wound
'Bout to pop somebody's balloon up in this room
Puncture, internal bleedin', let the horror begin
End of the world is here, men followin' sin

Terra Tory shatter your dreams as bad as it seems
The only thing that matters is that the cabbage is green
Splatter your team, Jack of all trades in the shadow of Kings
Snakes in the gra** rattle for schemes, all out battle for CREAM
Everybody seekin' national gleem
Actual facts is seen, display stats on screens
Beat compet**ion by a wide percentage
Create more rackets than tennis
This rap menace attack the track 'til it's finished

Hahaha, yeah yeah
Like I told y'all
It's some sh*t goin' down
Respect this straight up
CCF and Division

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