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Qasas Lyrics

Keeping that life on easy
People out here who try and beef me
Never heard decent threats
They just pipe down when they see me
Pair of one tens don’t cheese me
2019 and they still had yeezys
All of these hoes can’t please me
Had to make moves like I’m Chris breezy
Keeping on waves I’m steezy
Got brought down they don’t release me
Moved to the 666
Now summertime heat will keep this beastly
Worked for the grind no cheats G
Met a new girl that tings a sweet T
Worked my way to the top
Now both of them tings just stay beneath me

Write when I’m wrong in darkness
Keepin' it on my grind
Never needed no problems nah
The boy just hits rewind
Most of the life I search for is the same life I left behind
So many different options different rollie’s for different times

Never been broke since tember
Keepin' it jokes if I remember
The yutes who stayed dismembered
Had to go back return to sender
Seventeen turned December
Keepin' it simple keepin' it tender
You’re a wasteman - wasteman bender
Never need love I can’t befriend her

Never back down but I still got racks ain’t talkin' a lot, big spender
Keepin' it real from time
All of these yutes out here pretenders
Back to the box offender
Mans still mixin the ting like blender
Hanging on strings till I snap
Mans still keepin' it G like fender

Moved from the towns to the six
Manny still haunts me like these ghosts
Never had choices chose
Said he just paid me that’s no joke
Can’t get high cause mans so low
B*t*hes can’t save me never no smoke
Keepin' it G and I’m keeping it close
Been here a minute been sleeping on tokes

Big ups to bang dawg, chaz, yvng Alex
Big ups to Laika and Marcus and Travis
Mans know hard times turn to a savage
Set one tings gyal knows shes a habit
Called you my bro 'till the mans had to vanish
Still on my mind when the mans couldn’t have it
Even whilst out here feelin' so broke
I was still out here lookin' so lavish

Rovers parked next to the Benz
Yeah, you know that’s been my course
Boxing me out as a friend like chores
Girx any mans that’s creps black force
Mandem leaving it out on top
With the boydem still whipped that porch
Never saw none of that sh*t of course
We'd just shoot ten rounds no remorse

Ever since Burscough
Mindset out here moving on its worst flow
Link up the boydem kept his words been moving like he’s hurt low
Been on the low when I left home no redemption no rehearsal
Changing the time on my watch like I change styles on my verse though

Different rhinestones
For different time zones
Catching a case like judge Tyco
Movin it styll but I’m writing your will like a joker still no psycho
Your girl just called me said I f**k all week better save that to my phone
Remember the name been cruising the game that's all of the sh*t that I know
Move from me now with the baseman ting you’re a wasteman ting like factory
Linkin' up still can’t catch me makin' up lies your gyals a battri
Most of the time when I leave that gyaldem telly ting straight moves a**es
Story told, untold first time everybody knows me mans a Qasas

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