War Drums Lyrics

Quakers Lyrics

They copping my drug spot, they loving it
It's hot, I move the pot with a oven mitt
My crack look like the moon and the sky
F**k you, you and your goon could die
I think big and got ink like a ink squid
I got tats like a ese
And I might write raps or an essay
And play craps on the best day
The dice hit the floor
I lost, I rolled 6 4
Jump in the car, I roll a 6 4
And the whip color Jupiter too
But this sh*t look stupid in blue
Hey boo, your man keep fronting on steel
F**k around, he'll be in front of my steel
And that'll be the last thing he'll ever see

My nine executed
Official Jesus looking electrocuted
We getting stacks, ain't no time to relax
Dropped a hundred on some scallops, eating dinners for snacks
Hand made Cubans, hand made pastas
Hand held hammers that we purchased off the rosters
Somtime you gotta die before you start to live
Where I'm from n***as roll up in your crib
You could beat a case with the right amendment
I stay fly for a living like a flight attendant
me counting currensy that I invented
Nothing is ever rented, n***a we owners
You could get your arm broke off trying to dethrone us
My got switched up, you b*t*hes can't phone us

I stay flashing like a blinker

Look, Versace shades, gold Rollie, feeling like Big Poppa
Ain't nothing worse than a snitch in a life of mobsters
I broke bread with took advice from rastas
Mase said I'm in Queens more than Mike Piaza
Just a TV in a cell, that's a house for trappers
I got a whole brick and then I cook ounces for practice
I love how these rap n***as run their mouths in these captions
I still never seen a hollow tip bounce off a rapper, naw
Lemon squeeze in a set of gloves
We catch you on therebound like Kevin Love
The hate kept me on my toes, it was never love
I ran off with a half and found a better plug
Money coming fast, need a minute to count it
I bought all my shooters vestes, get my b*t*hes allowance
This for those that gotta sit, blowing sticks
Let's go to war til the death tow get in the thousands, pu**y

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