Walking Dead! (Extended) Lyrics

XONzackie Lyrics

Sodomize her, ayy
Hold on hold on, let me switch that

Into the depth of the dark, fear will swallow your heart
Blood shed in this shed, with this kettle burning red
To your skin full of sin, with a mouth full of gin
F**k a juice, lose a inch, f**k your teeth, put em' on a tee
Jesus mezanmi, kǔ mā yě, sodomize her, ayy
I'ma f**k her, ayy, f**k her soul, Murk! F**k her gold
Preaching at the thought, bloody clot, all up in this blunt
Bullet through his head, ow he dead, f**king Walking Dead
Murder rigorous Hershel
Smoking his purple straight to the face
Bullets on bullets, I'm aiming it straight
Pull up on homie, I'm live at your gatеs
F**k a community, t**led immunity
Folded as soon as we livе on the limb
Hoping I die, preach up on the sin
Life ain't sh*t, f**k b*t*hes in the bin

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