?uusymon Lyrics

I got a bag
It's full of rats
It's vivienne
I copped the swag
I cop a bag
It's full of work
I smoke it down
My lungs is hurt
Murk indiscriminately like thingthing
In my presence every bird is singing
Told you keep your head up now ya stomach wringing
Cuz i wasn't kidding
Gotta get
Gotta keep
Never let
Anybody tell you nothin
Kill yourself or get to druggin
I have found myself in the common k-nowledge but i'd rather be that than broke, sh*t
I won't make my dome split open
If you need a token, go mix
Y'all lil boys got no kits no hits

Walked in wit da cat p*ss
Get long
This choppa shoot ya like a celtic
Dont run from it
These bullets turn you to a retard
Shoot a n***a where his teeth arе
Poppin e, twistin bodies like it's cigarеttes
Make a n***a face turn around when he hit his head
I got a fat d**k in my pocket, it's f**ked up
I got a lil bird and it's fat, i got ketamine

Beat a n***a till he crippin on the west coast
Caught the n***a lackin snap his neck like he got strep throat
N***as feral ghouls and i gotta clear the metro
I just want a b*t*h that's like marilyn and she retro ay
I might find her n***a and tie him up, make me c*m
Noose around his neck you a pu**y you tryna run
Lynch a f**kin n***a i'm guessing that n***a hung
Shootin everybody the underground on a hunt

Rick shaw
N***a did saw my d**k
Eat the pig raw
Bacon goodness shake inside my body greasy slick
Shaking potty when i'm sh*ttin sh*t be hittin different, it
Is so godly when i'm modeling she be waddling pu**y stick
Door knocka, smoke the flaka feel like shaka zulu
Hulu watcher i dont like the television missing when i poopoo kaka
Fartin smokin martian i'm departing like "who you knew papa?"
Mama want a comma or two ima short you

Big meaty sewage smoker
I be walkin round with my leaf blower
Heat toter, beat my f**kin d**k
Make the time slower
Bouta smoke a spliff in some nice weather
While i'm walkin round heavy meat strokin
I be diddy boppin while i'm crip walkin tik tokin
Slap a soggy n***a if he keep talkin keep walkin stupid

Open third eye
You on the wrong side
Switch and all fly
In the mustang i let my d**k bang
Sneaky demon
Leaky creek on my own never learn how to speak
Leaky creek the reaper lost his power to reap
Piccolo ion choose to smoke it chooses me
Cut the trees cut my feet and do a dance onto the street
Meeper peep bozo
Got the shotty and i creep along the fleet solo
Lizard fly while he cries

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