?visions of blue Lyrics

?convolk Lyrics

Old man in a white bed, yeah
Young man with his eyes red, yeah
Tough man with a tight chest, yeah
Boy, you don't wanna fight that

Let me know when you’ll be coming home
Your eyes are ice, but I'm not getting cold
The pain inside won't go away no more
I’m sorry baby, but I gotta go
The things you've heard about me all are true
The opal ring you bought me split in two
A metal circlet and a gem of blue
I'm glad it's broken just like me and you

I know that I'm worthless
I'm stuck in a rut and I hope you get f**ked and
I hope you forget about all of this sh*t that I did and I said
Like the time when my heart was as black as the lead that I've wanted
For so long to put through my head
I've been getting so numb off these drugs I ingest
I’ve been feeling a tightness inside of my chest
I just wanna relax
I just hate all the stress

Your green eyes, they feel like a curse
Your teeth white, you bite down, it hurts
When we die we won’t need these words
Can't see why there’s no light but I'll search
I'll search

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