Victoria Justice Lyrics

904TEZZO Lyrics

Victoria Justice, if you're listening to this right now I wanna impregnate you, I wanna make you pancakes, I wanna- I wanna- I wanna just watch your baby, I don't give a f**k,

Love Victoria Justice
I love you, Victoria Justice
I wanna f**k you
Victoria Justice, I wanna marry you
I ain't even really tryna cuff you
Victoria Justice, Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice, Victoria Justice
Please come f**k me, please come f**k me
Victoria Justice, Victoria Justice

Come be my woman
B*t*h, I love you, I ain't fronting
Call your phone at 6 in the morning
I really want it, I really want it
Blocked me on Instagram, I still don't give a sh*t
Scrolling through your Instagram, I start to grab my d**k
I really love you, I know it makes sense
Okay, I gotta catch my breath

Listen, I love you and you blocked me on Instagram and all that mean sh*t, I got feelings for you, lemme take you out to Wendy's and sh*t, like this could be true love, baby, like I been watching you since you was on Nickelodeon, can you like just pull up and suck my d**k?

I wanna f**k Victoria Justice
Lower my voice and stop the cussing
Gonna make me wanna go Christian
And just settle down and be your husband
I wanna f**k Victoria Justice
I wanna f**k Victoria Justice
I love her, and she loves this
This ain't a love song, it's just some love sh*t

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