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I think everybody switchin' up
They claim that they don't give a f**k
Whats the rush?
Runnin to the safe
I can find what i want
Go inside the safe and i see a lot of
I-i-i don't think I'm safe I just see a lot of bucks
Yeah i did it, everybody have the
Before now I don't really think they cared about us
And watch them switchin' for their side

We gon make them pay the price
You just with them in disguise
You're living your best life right now
You f**kin left me in the ground
Use me like everybody else
I hope you f**kin' burn in hell

Whole persona
Be there whenever they fly
Hope you shut the f**k up
I dont want to hear you talk
Feel my .30, with the blasts
Making angels swear to god
Used to struggle paying water
Now I drive it with no top
You're a camera
I dont think i need you
I can see right through you
They just askin bout my money
But I'm not the one that counts it
Heard he talkin' out his chest
We gon get to bouncin'
Made a bit of money and he had to go announce it
They don't like the music
When I play it, they just clowning
Livin' in your planet and you think that we surround it
We don't
I dont think that we like you now
I just made bout a hundred thou
Them right through your mouth
And I can't blame them cause you're foul
I dont think that they like it now

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