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Oh god
I'm not about to clean this sh*t up right now

Look outside it's getting colder
22nd of october
Might relax and stay at home
I'm vegging out

Tv on demand
Bowl of popcorn in my hands
I don’t really need a plan
I'm vegging out

The bathtub started leaking
Haven’t showered in a week
But i just made a couple beats
I'm vegging out

Loose socks in the door
Pizza boxes on the floor
Feelin loco gimme four
I'm vegging out

Yeah, yeah i'll be there in a second

What, what do you want?

너 들었어? 나랑 내 친구들 지금 이케아가서 미트볼 사올꺼야. 너 안 갈래?

No thanks, i'm, i'm fine, i think i'm just gonna chill here tonight

너 지난 번에도 그랬잖아. 3시까지 침대에 누워있냐? 해가 중천에 떴다. 이 냄새는 또 뭐야. 쓰레기 안 버릴래?

You know, why can't you just let me do my thing? i'm fine, like, you don't gotta worry about me so much

아니 너 신경써줄 사람 나 밖에 없잖아. 이건 건강하지 않다고

It’s not unhealthy. in fact, this is probably really good for me. now would you please get out, i wanna finish this episode
*한숨* 너 짤리기 전에는 안 그랬잖아. 그냥 옛날로 돌아가면 안 돼?

Old times, huh? yeah, you keep telling yourself that

Yuh, yuh

I haven't taken care of myself
But trust me, i don't need your help
I appreciate the visit, but i'm okay

I haven't really gone outside
But trust me i don't hate my life
I appreciate the visit, am i okay?

I just wanna dance again, dance again
I just wanna dance again, dance again
Won't you come with me my friend, my friend?
And maybe we can dance again
And maybe we can dance again

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