Vapor of Darkness


Vapor of Darkness By Complete

Ayo, I hope that heaven has been treating you nice, bro
I really need some advice, I’m always needing advice, I struggle sleeping at nights. and I’ve been thinking maybe I can stop my drinking if I speak to some psych’s

But ive been thinking I should leave and just die, tired of reaching for heights that’ll never reach, whats the reason for life, f**k!

Even when my dreams have sufficed, its like I always seem to freeze at the lights, its’ like my feet have been sliced, im f**king scared, i admit it, I’m a train wreck, I never stay on schedule. committed to the rain-check

It’s pretty strange how inconsiderate some mates get, by the way im sorry I ain’t visited your grave yet, maybe im lazy or maybe im too nervous, the way we would make music, it gave me a new purpose

You followed god, you praised him and you worshipped, thats why I find it crazy he’d take such a true person. that why im asking ya, I know you relate, is my only escape, really just a rope and a crate. hey?

Or is that rope in the shape an O, bro, that you placed on your own throat, a mistake in a moment of hate

Should I go to a mates? It really ticks me off, they quick to say I’m doing sh*t but never quick to give me props

Makes me think, do they even want this sh*t to stop? Maybe I’m just paranoid, maybe I should just sip some grog!

It makes me think about your state of mind, did you feel alone and scared? Bro, I wish you gave a sign, you should’ve called me man, you should’ve named a place and time I would’ve been there straight away, I’d never leave a mate behind

But now I’m about to leave my mates behind, maybe at the place they find me they will leave and make a shrine. covered in roses, my brothers can go and say goodbye, blame the booze and tip some liquor out and go and celebrate my life

Most probably with a case of wine, that’s irony for you, I guess fate is blind, I always gotta swallow my pride with a taste of lime, or a chaser, while I chase this dream ’till the stage is mine

Till the day I die, they just award me the glory, cause I’m grateful for the fans who love, support and adore me. but, the thought of losing my f**king audience haunts me because im pretty f**king sure there’ll be nothing for me at 40

So what do I do, do I wait to fail, or do the place the nail inside of my coffin now and taste the grail. ’cause at the rate I’m going, mate, I’m going to straight to jail. as I waste away and my brain decades in a case of ale

I guess what im asking is would you take it back, would you tie the rope? or would you hope that it maybe snaps? would you stay for youre family? would you stay for rap? what if I couldve been a better mate, would you stay for that?!

Maybe we could’ve laid a track, or maybe no matter what you wouldn’t have change the fact, maybe thats just the only way that when your brain I’d trapped in a vapor of darkness breaking apart as it fades to black

To break the latch isn’t easy to do, neither’s leaving my room, I don’t see a reason to move, all I know its therapeutic when I’m speakin’ to you, I really wish you could speak to me too. I miss ya man

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