Vanish Sandwich (Freestyle) Lyrics

?svrite Lyrics

Aye man
Ya, y'all know how the f**k we rockin'
Check this sh*t out
Ouu, aye, aye, oou

I just met him at the mall
But then I just made him my mans
I just took him to my bed
And, then I just took off his pants
Big 'ole d**k, thick as f**k
And I got it on my hands
Big 'ole guy, big as f**k
And I sung like goddamn
Fine-a** n***a, six-pack
His d**k fat
Hit that, I'm gon' babysit that
Got him in the kitchen cookin food
Suck all on his d**k and drink his goop

Uhh white, just like Dwight
On his d**k I bite
I'ma go take flight
Aye yo what the fu...

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