Universal Skills Lyrics

Q-Unique Lyrics

"Universal skill, it takes much practice
I got it good, apparently you lack this" - Big Daddy Kane

A quote from the Chef
Boyardee Stroy's lyric def
Funky fresh, always rocking right when nothing's left
Ain't no ref's in this game
So get ready for some unnecessary roughness
Think you can touch this?
Lyrical justice
Some need to work out like fat cops
Their rhymes is played like flat tops
It ain't over till the DAT stops
Or the gat pops
Or a bat knocks
So whippersnap of the slick attacker
It's a rapper
His dapper flowing like the Ark navigated by Noah
The down the line bowler
Is out to make a dollar
Don't call me "sun/son" bum call me your ucking solar
System, I penetrated
I do a fine job always say "I'm god" when I rhyme hard
Swing through vine yards on tired MC's like time cards
Disturb the sicken
I got hip hoppers all addicted
Raise eye brows like Houdini's tricks did
From Atlantic to Pacific
To be specific
I rock your galaxy
Universal skills actually rip through your faculty

"Speak the language universal, check on how I use it" - Brother J

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