Undaground Choppers 9 Lyrics

701bonez Lyrics

Uh, You immediately getting a taste the infinite rage
Wanna run up bout the quality of chopping isn't the same
It didn't decay
It's all of the clarity vivid, insane
It did entertain finally reaching a beacon that crumble to pieces, and peace for the drift in the bay
I curse and it give us in plain sight
But like slithering snakes don't wanna spit it in vane
Like get up with a pen already yield is the same
And I puzzle when I fight em with a ridiculous pace
And the lyricism in a totally different plane of existence
And thought you were getting away
I'm slapping a clip in the K and I'm slaying
How is it debated with the rhythm with a level
But I'm screaming "what the cost"
I'm already guessing you would cheat and make it shiver
But it's hotter than a temperature to make up out the frost
With the clarity and speed I'm on another level
Nothing different really so I'm jumping over the gap
Between us is similar
Let it jab and let it bleed though you shouldn't be getting a cross
Beat cut, beat cut never wanna erupt
Rap sheriff for the profit like I'm Jesus
Don't go down to Double S I kill it bout to speak up
Hotter than boneless pizza, Jalapeño's
No respect for the seniors you a dingus
Come up out the pound looking for the game
Because you know it needs us

Welcome to the party motherf**ker ready? Rip it come and get it with a little bit of sin up in it wait a minute
Fin ta get it pimpin, with a weapon I invented if i said it then I meant it and I said it' s on
Nothin makes it better gotta come up with the money motherf**ker really wanna get it go’on
Ya think that you’re better than anyone here? Well b*t*h your f**kin wrong
Tell em Bonez, go and get ugly with it
Cold with the syllables
Your f**kin pitiful
Don’t give the minimal
Won’t for a minute bro
Go get a lawyer when the law wanna get involved
Raw individual
Born with no sin at all
Bored with the cynical
Sold with a bit of gold
Nobody’s winnin though
Bonez don’t
F**k everybody go and suck that d**k
I ride panigale, so god damn quick
Just god damn quit
Cuz your not that slick
Do a mothaf**ka really gotta talk that sh*t
So never will they win it gotta drop that b*t*h
Nobody gonna comment when I'm rockin this
Tell em what they mothaf**kin option is
Steady gettin ready for the apocalypse
Stop with the bullsh*t not gonna talk sh*t go home bro your wrong
Life’s an auction work for your bosses oh lord no I won’t
Try to pimp me all day long mothaf**ka no you don’t
Ain't nobody f**kin with Bonez
Time for Loony to murder the song

You've antiquated with the don
Think you bout it gon' beat to intelligent off of a sedative
You're just irrelevant
Soon he possessing it treating the confrontation of a mob
The reason can perish on how I'm connecting my elements
Bigger in time and a pulse
So when I get verbally damaging artists the police will I bring your body in a box
I chop sh*t down
I'ma cannibal breathing like Mannibal for
Alternate intricate facilities
Bomb all the fact that I be bringing fatality
Defeat to me with the frequencies never thee
Mind over matter, controlling my destiny
I be composing em like I'm in a symphony
Give me a pen and a pad and like damage it
As I will eat up the surface like serpentine
Intricate with syllables I hit em with the venom when I get to spitting you don’t really wanna come and get it with me
Everybody that are round me, killer for the cheddar man
They get to speak, yet homie you don't wanna get the veteran
An urgent defeat I’m about to hit ya with the meaning with these syllables
I’m patting you down I’m riding in my elevators
Spit a lot of rappers when I get to move a homie I’m a fighter with the music I’m an educated veteran
You better think about the repercussions
'for you running from the killer I’ma damage
I’ma hit em like a Taliban
I don’t really wanna battle loony must be crazy
Pack a stamp and put the missile on I’ma shoot em till the gun jam
Fight me Big Loony and thank you for critical criticism
Cause it turned me to this man
Undaground choppers we call when it 9 in the series
Big Loony is the man that remains stayin'

Poppin off shots and not given a f**k
And i'm tempted to go about evilest syndicate
Notice i'm diligent basic its evident not about relevance
Time consuming the rellic and pa**ing it over like sollemly evidence nobody wanna be into the middle the fire its burning like excellent so can you notice the cadence i'm bringing i'm torching this skewer like pathogens loading the shells from the fully extended
But chances of leaving have not been intended
Maniacle spirit i'm in it to win it like what would you think next? my haters up lifting like blessings i'm turning they heads like sprewell sets
Play with the energy f**k off an enemy
Time is what tells like the real to epiphany notice i'm still in denial by destiny
Gathering what we call notions are heavily melodized latency silver me shivelry on to the next one
And shiver me timbers by loading my spiritual casualties into oblivion
And did I offend yours?, shout out to everyone noticing ga**ing has formed up
I give you salute to the haters they damage like lava no post how it ends up
My resolutions to what we saw that's how a bridge really builds up we aren't humans we need beaming up

Here we are back at this sh*t again been takin my vitimins
Get you a ridiculous chopper I'm venomous cinnimon like-
Way too intricite to inhale combust like a cigarettes
Eating arachnids like annalese isnt it funny how they think i been a b*t*h till i flip
Get the switch riviting like a bit spinnin it i keep on twistin and turnin up in my head
News to you
Flippin up outta my dome I prove the booth, swoopin up food like a crow - shoot the poop -
And for the rappers that be thinkin they be slammin better can it like a soup or you will panic in a room then light a candle by the suit they gonna jam me wit and poof -animated too
-funded by the Flu
Anybody wanna it man im really gonna f**kin sonic boom
-Clippin the b*t*hes in shins an inch in, then itchin the skin till the st**ch is rippin
The incision is instant my vision is intimate, ain't nobody know it, i was sleepin in a tentment
Without a bed my sentiment ain't clear, like a cataract appeared, can't regenerate, i fear
Ima detonate incinerate and seperate a vertibrae, dont look at me certain way or queer
Ima put up on the murder rate!
Like a terminator learn the way to burn a brain
And you ain't really nuthin but a sherminator, perminating, like you got B-O
Everybody swerve and hate it
You could never murk a stage
And every singled word is aimed at
Wack rappers
I dont give a f**k
Ima have to put a body part in my truck
Chop sh*t down
Then ima put in the swamphouse
Hitem wit da 9
Cuz im always in a rush
Shout ruslan

Motherf**kers hella bogus, I don't notice
Everybody wanna focus coming up in this I'm ferocious
Drama culture, spittin' halitosis
Sicker than fifty-thousand Locusts
I’ma get out the O but never get out the zone
Been told that I’m the coldest I done molded
Reali-T shows when I get on I’m bout to blow
Pockets swoll but stop and go vacate tropical
N***a I’ma let the chopper go
Pull up on em and its rock and roll hot, stop, drop and roll
Come with a reason to get em it’s not optional
Hit em with it when it’s beneficial
But I’m in the middle where my stock’ll grow
Feminine n***as you b*t*hes I’m venomous on a mission
When I’m rocking shows
Sending n***as to the hospital
N***as ain’t no compet**ion f**k the opposition
Never had two pots to p*ss in, my condition
Coming up out the trenches but I’m optimistic so I stop and listen
I’ve been slipping knocking b*t*hes talking sh*t I got ya ticket
Bout that business I can dig it
So many choppers I got a clip in it and then I dip quick
N***a sick with, sick with it gotta stick with a clip in it
Anybody killer really gotta get it
When I was in prison was a politician
Feeling froggy ribit, ripping it off the hinges
Any chopper dedicated to win it'll get it
Been independent and winning
My n***as'll kill to get in it
It's giving me chills when I mention, kill with a vengeance
Pull up on a rapper with a glizzy and end it

All I want to say is leave my verse the same way it was when I recorded it
And don't even try to change up the instrumental not even a part of it
I am the first Super Saiyan Yomashi I was here ever since the start of this
You're late with the chopping before you all knew what it was I mastered the art of it
As soon as they see me they're terrified and petrified shaking like they got Parkinson's
They don't want a part of me because I'll get medieval on their hiney and show em how dark it gets
Every time I'm on a track with a Sprite beat when I rap I gotta demonstrate what a arson is
Can't believe they be acting like they forgot how I be lighting it up they done got me charged again
They be thinking its smooth sailing over the water can't see there's a shark in it
Megalodon coming from under and ripping apart your ship
Your not ready for the kombat cause I'll bring it to your chest hit you wit the Lu Kang bicycle kick
Your facing a different type of character I'm the final boss my precision is optimum
Thought you could handle me well come and try me and test your hypothesis
Imma just go and proceed to treat you like the insect you are and discard of you easily swatting you
Blasting off in the atmosphere after guzzling rocket fuel
I'm out of this world I'm phenomenon philosophical chopper understand me I do this for real it's not a joke you don't want the beef I'll turn you to sloppy Joe wit abominable body blows

Verse 8:
König im Flow'n
Rollend im Wagen verwöhnen mich Hoes
Ficke die B*t*hes und picke dabei einen Blunt, denn das ist die gewöhnliche Show
Dumme Nutte, denkst über den besten Weg nach
Wie du jetzt schnell Geld oder Fame machst
Motherf**ker, legendärer Doubletimer, Tripletimer ficke weiter B*t*hes, scheiß auf Datejust
Motherf**ker was?
Geb' ich deiner B*t*h einen C*mshot? Was?
Pu**y, wenn ich will, wird sie langsam na**
Aber habe keinen Bock, also fang' mal an, nehme die Sl*t am Arm und geh dann mal ran
Du hast keine Chance gegen mich
Du wirst locker zerfickt, wenn du Opfer mich disst, also Kopf runter B*t*h und ich Mobb' deine Clique
Pu**y, ficke deine ganze Bande voller Penner, wenn du willst, aber habe keine Zeit für den Scheiß
"Echt nicer Style, ey" ich bleibe die Nummer 1, weiter so unerreicht
Alle meine Feinde wollen meine Doubletime Skills
Aber leider haben sie keinen Plan, alle biten dann ich muss weiter fahr'n meine Zeit ist da und du weißt ich laber keine Scheiße grade, klar?
Ganz egal wer du bist
Meine Parts sind der Sh*t
Kille die Bars und du trippst, B*t*h
Ich brauch' nur ein paar Jahre und ich bin rich, also fick dich
Und mit diesem Part habe ich bewiesen: ich habe den Sieg errungen
Bitte geh aus meiner Sicht
Du bist leider nicht in meiner Liga, Junge

I'm coming to shoot
And you know that I'm coming at em like a rocket
I'm trying to shock em
Like metal in sockets
And I'm really trying to rob all their shine like I'm pickin their pockets
I'm bringing the heat and I'ma let em all hang over the fire
Like I'm messing with stockings
I gotta be honest, see I'm an anomaly
But I'm on top and lockin the spot in for Tonik
Sucka that's me
Gotta get em breathing heavy like an athlete
I be running all around em like a track meet
But I gotta make em scatter like I pack heat
Well I do, but its not with a gun
But I got me a tongue
And I got the ammunition coming from the cerebellum
See me then you better tell em get ghost
Cuz I murder when I spit flows
If you wanna kill a killer you better get guerilla when you flip it up on the track
Cuz the rhythm I get delivered I could stick it in ya cuz the tip of it'll leave you stabbed
When I switch up the triplets it'll be hideous with the way the haters mad
Bars like the way the paper stack
Spend it then work to make that paper back
But the tongue flip like the wrist when I’m hittin a drum head Rhythm is dumb when I get to blastin
When I’m bringin that action that I’m packin
I’m a killer with the rappin that’s facts
So you better get away if you don’t the drama that I’m comin with I really be about the opposite
But I’ma get it done if you be thinking that I won’t
Cuz I got the flow That’ll make a hater choke if they try

Everybody hold up
Somebody had better explain
What is it with all of this gibberish that has been coming up into the game
Got me just feeling a bit of deranged
You people are stepping all over my genre
I wanna put one in your head
And deliver your body right back to your mama
Sick of pretenders you b*t*hes that better surrender
Or witness me giving you trauma
Come up with drama and imma demolish em all
The moment I smoke me some ganja
And we never be giving no love to the people that play on the radio threaten the look of persona's
If i'ma be honest compared to you rappers I'd rather be bumping Madonna
So give me the mic and allow me to demonstrate
How I believe I should really be doing it
Do it so you get the flu
Bust so cruel b*t*hes laying in fluid
This time I'ma be true to this keeping a killer
Will never re-live it, a little bit lunatic
Breaking my property every time
And they know that they're cropping me
That'll be a two bit they're proofing the tool
Don't nobody wanna run up with a killer running
I'ma hit em with a tool
And a madman about to get picked by the one that left nothing but kept in the tool
And i'm making the moves
Stay repping me honour the money my lyrics are cool
And f**k me you fools
Really but this ain't a what I can do true

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