Undaground Choppers 7 Lyrics

701bonez Lyrics

Tool in my pocket, I act a fool and for c*cking a shoot
I'm rocket shooting em, and my opposition won't stand a chance
All I'm doing is rockin' and get the loot and I'm bout to make stupid a posse of new n***as to stop with the sheneanigans
And clueless in logic, hit the booth with the confidence, they foolish gotta be smoking to be thinking they spittin' equivalent
Finna shoot up harder with the cannon like the Taliban
Opposition losing from it, you can see the ambulance
Diggin' the grave when i'm bustin' once I getting away
Been in the game and there no way i'ma give it away
It takes a little more to speak of me to spit with great
Gotta come to wreck it to listen and i'm spitting flames
Shout out to kVr and my lil brother Leech
Burner hit the greenlight so you know we run the streets
Haters turn to apostles then possums when they want the beef and they may be workin' with talent but they falling under me
So when you're rocking it's summed with illegibility
Hardly working on flow you're just showing your versatility
Thinking they really gon step to me but lack a proper utility
Necessarily give up on speaking incredibility
Gotta be on a mission with instrumentals a killer bee
Me, i'm mighty still sawing off n***as when killing beats
Riding into travellers swearing the n***as are pulling through, so I take em so caring about it couldn't they spit it in 'for I finna feast
Never been another just able to end up with the saucer and the way I be spitting flames i'm breaking em n***as off with the venom
Making it vivid, this illustration of killing the rhythm and no mistake, i be bucking f**k what you thought of me
And i'm bout to pivot not giving a sh*t about the compet**ion i'm starting by stacking b*t*h i'm clapping i'm on a mission
As soon as i get this sh*t imma stick em up in the vault for f**king with the machinery get a call from another cough n***a
You rap fast well i rap fast too, now your fast round moves like a lot of fast food
When i'm in a bad mood imma chop it c*ck it back and then i blast too, man in other words i'm bad news
If i had to, i could a make pu**y n***a disappear with the steel, sipping genius hoping I can forget the fear, with the key, looking like i'm painting a picture crystal clear with the skill, like it doubles on another hemisphere
Imma need to get it in, toss in like a change of ref, think i'm finna fine a n***a
Talking an anomaly, independent and imma be killing sh*t cause i'm properly one of the illest meaning these other n***as don't wanna beef
And everytime i wanna beef, promise imma hit, play the instrumental and i bet he flicks
Talking i'm a G don't compare me to a motherf**ker saying nothing giving a f**k about your SPS

Better watch what the f**k you sayin
Put you in the dirt remind you who the f**k I am
Have no fear for f**kin man I'll put a hole in ya chest and then BUCK BUCK again
Trust me you don't really want to start a rivalry
You're bout to get acquainted with the evil side of me
And every single demon that's living inside of me
You talking all that fake b*t*h don't lie to me
I smell the pu**y in ya pants from a mile away
You're like the b*t*h that gets kicked out and tries to stays
Mane I gotta teach you a lesson I'm a find a way I swear to God Imma find a way
I'll rip ya heart out pull your card out, you was faking from the start out, sub par sound I'm ready to jump out the car fresh from the bar now
With a look of insanity on my face yelling out WHO'S HARD NOW
I spit it too hot flaming blue fire
Tell me what the f**k that you got, frontin you hot my lyrics hit you like a jump shot only a few got
And hit em up like 2Pac now who shot ya
Better chill pop a xanax, or the plan next, has mechanics, of my anger expanding
And will leave you branded as a pansy that is better off dancing than rapping, I'm laughing

Grip on the clip in my pocket just make it a watch out you'll be safe
Stacking a stack while I'm grippin the strap known for slapping em in the face
Sticking the mid finger up with the klique making em walk up out the way
Talking the talking and walking the walk are nothing like the same
Thinking of bleeding the blood out the block Talking ain't sh*t so I'm taking a shot Shakin the pavement the way that its breaking gonna knock em out the way
F**kin around when I need to be taking my medicine
Telling myself that this is the best that it will ever get
Living in hell could somebody tell me what heaven is
Reppin kaotic and breaking bread with the bretheren
Sick of the head ache think I'll pop another excederine
Man he's just talking nothing is real like he says it is
Watching em faking I'll stick their face to the pavement mane do you wanna be famous cuz right now you're irrelevant

Motherf**kin animal no way to word it better whats the problem with the weather its my cold cold flow
No not bonez rap so slow, sps lord let it go
Cuz i could get it choppin if thats what you really want but id rather bring a better rhythm rip it off the top
You can f**kin skip it but i wish you'd rather not cuz i promise on or off, this sh*ts still hot
I see you youtube keyboard warriors your countin words and every syllable per second that sh*ts so absurd
So wheres the real rap, G-Funk and all that
Glockapella bring art of war back adrenaline rush 2Pac and ahh man, Dark Man X where the f**kin' hood at?
Who that with a rhythm thats so fly, ohhh that little man bad no lie
Move out! Gonna be dat one die, no lie man me waste no time
Shoot that! Ammo at backbone spine
Prove that! Get it tatted thats for life
We could do that! don't move past that line
Spittin within rhythm a hater be checkin' me out
Ya better be careful with your kisser get a d**k in ya mouth
I got the paparazzi poppin' pictures murderin' time
Going kamikaze off my rocker rockets align
Bonez don't, tell it to me dawg where the f**k you keep your damn money give it to me or!
Get your head blowed off by a sawed off shot got your broad lock-jawed cuz i don't like talk naw ughhh
So cold and ugly those who thought that Bonez was funny Motivation only money C.R.E.A.M go and check it homie
F**k em if they don't listen f**k em if they do not agree
F**k it I'm all outta time, f**k I did this sh*t for free

Focus on up for the camera, bang to the fullest my family out her like bruh
Desicivaluate every moment I been awake I been open to compet**ion they silly like what?
See I'm gone like flip it to rest, can compete with the best
Sold like empathy words demons all in my chest
Open the guidelines, they pop eye tugging at best toatin ammunition when I get it put em to the test, b*t*h
Solo the colo my homie denomination imma get it put intended
After the fact imma let em have it and damage em running right up on stage yelling dumba** silly rabbits
I don't mess with ether feed ya they label me a demon creature
I more then that fact f**k all your features and to be honest it wasn't nice to meet ya
Foot to face we can just called that creature, motherf**kas need to shut up and leave it to Beaver
I'm a focus mind frame so I cannot teach ya
Deliverance individual circ*mstances irrelevant
Everybody be full of sh*t don't you know what's barbiturates
Out of my mind filling the diligence, this is the sh*t that I got to do because I don't give a f**k about any of your wits
I'm living off for the pain no one offers to gain not a feeling of the same
Tell em all to maintain duration of the same loyalty I'm able to stack up all of this manifest no reply it's obvious
Motherf**kas need to realise who started this I'm a cold piece of work and they feelings get hurt disaster b*st*rd so they labeled me a j*rk
My flow Richter write-offs kill Mufasa low range Mind Games got to show proper dance in the wind creep I'm a heat doctor ants in the pants mind just off my rocker
Time ain't a factor that you can capture
Basic ain't a word that's a float cat turd you can't f**k with mine I'll beat you backwards flattering you say you rap I see actor

Hydrofluoric acid gonna eat your speakers as I slay
Beat whenever I'm coming to kill em all beat whatever they're calling It I'm feeling and darkness raising and taking it over
Think I'm made of dark matter entirely, that's why i'm charged with negativity, hyperactivity is the way I kill the beat, nevertheless I thought my verse would pull you down like a gravity making impossible to out rap me
Unless you're f**king Savitar
Getting into the speed force annihilation is a matter of Corce
Sh*t i'm feeling the speed in my veins get your potion lip it dip it till you get your brain boiling motherf**ker or back out motherf**ker
Every time you trynna diss me imma be coming up 10 times harder imma me dominating over b*t*hes who are trynna speed up their verses, I won't be giving a sh*t how you fellaz claim to do 40 syllables in a single second, I'm at the intersection of being demon and OG of speedsters
Think I might be going in a killing mode. why the f**k can't I get rid of voices? tell me lord. Guess I gotta cope with a demon inside my soul, I just beat the sh*t out of my demon, his turn comes on
See that's the problem putting others first, you've taught them, you come second
Murdering shredding up putting em in oven i'm ripping the flesh before cracking all bones just to die em all up fry em up finna eat them with a hot sauce with a ghost one
The only place you can get rid of me Is in a parallel universe where I suck and these motherf**kers are trynna top out the game with em condoms on faces
Imma hit em with a metal, sh*t em with a mental slaughter em like a phantom make this sh*t look like it was accidental
You better believe i'm coming to beat em all in a godspeed battle
I could run up on you put a gun up on you but I will f**k you up in like a minute, admit it you can never be sicker tham a wicked chopper
Imma be the mu'f**ker who will knock you out of the beat you will never outbeat us if you think that speed is the key
And here I stand manifestation of pain with my brains popping revolution, it's atomic superfusion i'm just brainsick fruit that grew too ripe for mainstream tree

Verse 6: {Hindi}
Na me soch saku kabhi na me karu kabhi please me hu boss mera khudhi naa me pause karu kabhi
Na me rakhta umeed to fhir loss kaise hoga mere paas kaafhi khubi mena bana kabhi choosey
Jo bhi mila mujhe bhot meto chala mere raah pe kyuki mila mujhe khot
Mere dostone choda kyuki paas na tha note mere faislone laaya mujhe yaahatak ab bhauk par baate na me karu kabhi tedhi
Tere gaaane lage wack kyuki mera feature nahi mujhe banna teacher nahi par me karu preach ab yahi
K he mera na koi tod kyuki mere gaane sahi mujhe taane dete wahi jisne nahi kiya kuch
Mere baate seedhe lage dil me jaake kabhi puch mujhe bandi kare text fhir me karu usse khush
Par me karu sabhi mess jab me smell karu d***** par parwaah nahi tu kya soche mere baare
Garv ha he khudpe hi tu kya bole mere baare
Karma he kutthi cheez khud bhi seekh kuch karega to lagega k tu bhi jeeraha he
Bina sahare mila mujhe kaafhi kuch
Bas table aur ek book bina label ka me khush
Yaha keval mera hook tere gaano se bada honaa chiye tujhe dukh
Hona chiye dukh tujhe chotte
Na socha mene kabhi bhi jo bande mere buddy the wo bande kare pateli wo sage mere kabhi the wo bandhan abhi lage ni na pange lena kavise
Me kholu teri kacheri k saamne par jaande me na padu kisi ke bhi maamle me jaanke me na karu ghisepite kaam mera kaam dekh
Me na sunu kabhi tere gaane mera kaan safe me na bhaagu kisike bhi peeche mera farm dekh manse me baate karu jo bhi mere baate thode lowkey mere baato lage thor tere baate lage loki
Tabhi mu pe tere mask aur tu ghume jaise carry sabhi lukkhe tere khaas aur tu chup he jaise harry
Me na karu kabhi copy me na banu kabhi c*cky meto baku saafh sach chotte tabhi saafh bach yele mera haath rakh hu me deta saath f**k mera naam yaad rakh

Everytime I wanna sit, write something lit, I feel like I'm blocked and 'bout to end up in heaven
Or hell as well, I'm tired of this sh*t, but I'm happy I can split seconds in part seven
And I'm shouting it out, years seventeen, as I'm here I just wonder where I've been
All of this time while being so keen on the rhyme, now with lyrics so clean
I'm eating the lettuce and drinking Sprite, gon' leave you electrified, if you know what I mean
Do I really have to fight for what's right, not getting left with the hook to kill and a ruptured spleen?
Setting off the rhyme scheme, tryna go so rough for the underground scene
And I thank y'all for the love you show, though it seems like some wanna act tough behind the screen
Not at all 'bout this stuff and I really wanna scream when I see that motherf**ker with a brain of a bean
Thinking like he's above everybody but his team, cannot use his ears and grey matter between
Keyboard warrior causing authorial euphoria as I fulfill my dream
When I gotta pretend like I shut my eyes and I cut off them guys like a guillotine
Rise above the hate, join them when they keep on going almost half of a decade
So I kept in disguise, owing you what I do great, it's been really not a lie since the 8th damn grade
When I made the "See Me Later" and I'm really not afraid of any hater making greater everything I create
Dedicated 'til I'm faded away, better don't stay
Thinking about the negativity coming upon everything I made
But I can tell it's pretty dope and I really hope you feel the same
I'd rather make it not breaking the edge, I would instead want to gather a packet of syllables
That'd be worth all the time, meaning more than a mumble
Now let's get ready to rumble
'Cause I won't consider myself any bit of humble
Chopping like karate, when it comes to music, buddy
I won't stop being rowdy 'til my body will crumble

Startin everyday off feelin parched; crackin open a bottle of sprite and writing some bars from Mars
Gettin me amped up like a rockstar; Sprite Beatz be leavin Mizury in misery from sun up to sun down strung out like a g-g-guitar
Addicted to the ba** when the speakers hit me in the face so i gotta glue em into place; strappin them monsters down wit chains
Cuz Sprite be makin me catch a case when showin off the music then puttin brusies and leavin everyone of my fans in pain
The uc series insane in the membrane twisted wit the words and mergin them into verses strainin when surfin thru ya brain
We playin it like a arcade; lyricism be the game engraving and markin ya mindframe when marchin it like a parade
Pulsating thru the veins put a motherf**ker in a seizure; rappin that strobe light rap wit light speed choppin it up wit a cleaver
Dragon breathers spittin ether; mouthpieces be the heaters wit a god made delivery like every track is dropped on easter
Like how many sps was that bro? f**k i dont know sh*t man i just rap
Then set back and laugh watchin yall debate if i sped it up so- HHRRRRRAAAHHHHHH, how was that?
Cash me ousside, how bow dah mad whitey ill attack and b*t*h smack any one of you faggots and set yo a** strait
My name isnt Mac Lethal f**kers so you better know ya place and i dont speed up my videos like he does either so you better get the f**k outta my face
Rockin out wit the c*ck out so go'ne and bow down and suck it im custom wit the rhymes im bustin callin the flow seductive
Ridin the beat like percussion when im rushin em given a beat a concussion when i hit it up wit syllables by the dozen like its nothin
When im bustin gettin ya girls pu**y gushin when im thrustin and f**kin
The production stuffin it and nuttin miz babies all over the beat; beat it up given it some mad whitey sensual lovin
When im runnin up stayin pumpin like a f**kin rhino p***o whenever i be humpin
I make more moves; then a p***star
Ive been on more tracks; then f**kin NASCAR
I stay in service more then at&t wit them bars
Dream on

Sono un persona pragmatica, do lezioni di grammatica
Quindi parto da subito con la mia potenza ma**ima
Ho dovuto fare la pratica, per questo che vado a raffica
In automatica cambio la tattica e spacco la natica
Non dire che non sono bravo se non sai fare di meglio
Se davvero tu fossi in grado di farlo, tanto di cappello
So che ho trovato il risultato solo mettendoci l'impegno
Vi distruggo, drammaturgo molto più di Pirandello
Dicono "Tu sei onesto" dopo che sentono un mio pezzo perché ho già visto buio pesto con la luce delle cicale
Testo più complesso, bevo succo fresco e rappo tutto questo testo fino a quando tu ti senti male
Non me ne fotte un cazzo, te l'ho già detto in ogni modo, te l'ho già detto in ogni luogo e pure in ogni situazione
Quando arrivo prendo lo spazio, guarda quanto cazzo volo, è diventato il mio lavoro far ballare le persone
Prendo posizione al contrario degli ignavi
Se vuoi la mia prestazione, te la faccio se mi paghi
Senza giubbotto in moto fuori meno sei gradi
Duri poco quando sputo tutto il fuoco dei draghi
Sardo, pazzo, sanno quanto valgo, la mia scimmia che fuma è un orangotango
Voglio un posto tipo da comando, mangio mango, ballo tango barcollando
Arrivo in paradiso facendo rime stupende
Sono così preciso che non puoi dire più niente
Non ho un bunker, ma comunque sono un tipo prudente
Arrivo subito al dunque con un testo pungente
Senti una mia canzone dopo la rimetti in play
Arrivo con Twisted Insane e con più fighe di Drake
E con più stile di Ray, facciamo impazzire gli dei
Voi ci arrivate in ritardo come dopo mille delay
Dopo di me col fast rap non ce n'è, mister Flash on the track I'm back and blessed
Sono nato bianco con la testa black
Non sono mai stanco vivo senza stress, flex
Tutto quello che faccio non lo posso dimenticare
Tutto quello che ho guadagnato me lo posso rimeritare
Questo programma l'ho craccato, cambiato, riprogrammato
Se sbaglio, lo faccio da capo, è il mio modo di registrare

Don't you ever come around and try to take me out my spot
Or in a box is where ya body gonna rest at
You wanna bet that, then im a do you like a crab
Pull ya limbs with my knee in ya back till ya chest crack
Hella insane when the main vein spray I don't gang bang
But I'm down to rumble if somebody want smoke
Let it blow till the barrel swinging outta control
Showing you that Sinizter is not a joke
I can rhyme with the best
Palm on ya neck squeeze till ya face turn blue and eyes start to sweat
I am live in the flesh you can die from the tec
Like b***er how it slide through ya vest you a mess
Kinda new but I kick it like a vet
Running to the studio to lace another track so I can flip check
Anybody sleeping on me better come at me correct
Every track that I put up I only hit nothing but net
PME, im a boss with a vision
Like I was enlisted walking through the desert on a mission
Am I dead or livin', if I'm livin' I'm a keep on kicking till my goal met
Tell me how u gonna keep ya head up with a broken neck
Motherf**ker listen I got the light to ignite the propane
You'll die from slow pain I'll slice a throat vein, you dying foe fame
But fail to see, that you gon' take L's and bleed you are still lame it won't change
I'm ready to ride, you ready to die, ready fly to the sky and see if heaven is live
Underground chopper with a chopper throwing lead in ya side
Spitting these devilish lines deep in my head I'm Divine
Who wanna scrap, who wanna rap I've been with the smoke
All of ya styles the same someone invented a clone
We are defending the throne walking on into ya home
Seeing how much pressure till you break while I'm bending ya bones
I will die for this I grind for this I'll rhyme till my tonsils split so stop ya sh*t
You gonna need binoculars when I ascend
And if I fall, I rise again I'll beat the odds I got to win
I go hard in paint, all in ya face, keep a metal arm on my waist
Won't hesitate to left it off and clear the back of a skull
There ain't no laughing it off, underground choppers clear a drum then we gone

You've awakened a dragon I'm spitting of the fire and Flame when I'm rapping and setting a blaze that will cover the canvas at last I will burn them and turn them to ashes that's that Raisin Hell from the under ground you sucker clowns are in trouble now I don't hear a single word in your verse all you do is!#%$^*&@$!%& making Mumble sounds better make way I be busting through untamable off the leash and I'm running loose vbl in the flesh there is no subst**ute I been doing this believe me it's nothing new on the track I be taken advantage like slipping a pill in your drink something like dr. Huxtable just when they thought they were safe and got comfortable istorm like Thunderbolts they are be trying to rap really fast and they say their time traveling I Quantum tunnel though I am a jumper don't you know I'm jumping through portals and get where I wanna go buzzing off Brew when I'm drinking Old English and this is my drunken flow but it's still wonderful Maximus Russell Crowe I'm a gladiator that will wrestle alligators show up at your territory attacking you like a Raider you cannot hold me like I'm a hot potato never want to be the greatest but I'm major I Got Rhythm and precision like a laser I'm a lyrical razor and I could separate the Earth at the equator you can't stop this apocalypse so you better say your prayers sayonara see you later laughing at you cuz you're just still a buster sorry you suck but your rhyme are filled with nothing but a bunch of filibusters and that is poor very trying to chop when you rhyme like Tech 9 but you're just sounding like Little Donny from the Thornberrys

SplytSecond is synonymous with superior syllable slinging insinuating saliva stay smooth
Son of Sam sharp shooter soliloquy similarly slithering so saddiddy spitters say soothe
I'm a master with rappin it's not a car accident when I crack the whip
You still wack and still ask me for respect you get NONE like a Catholic pacifist practicing abstinence
And Since you don't screw imma neuter you as a chopper vet I guess it is my duty too
You haven't the courage to bark at my dawgs so go and get a blues clue scooby doo
From every continent the choppers will be coming from number 7 never meant to be a one and done
Yeah better believe it and there is a reason that I am on every single one of em
Some of the people that're creepin wit cannons affiliated with bonitas that're speakin in Spanish
Trading a stack of the moolah for the weed and the canabis and be walkin around with a heater just to keep an advantage
But I was never viva la vida but lethal and famished unable to rest for a millisecond if you rest so many people could vanish
Not even the reaper could stand it a freakin insanity plea for the planet when I flee I'll be leavin a can and then BOOM
Homicidal when hit em in the organs that're vital you been invited to the recital when i be choppin it harder and harder
Scatterin parts of the body all over the party forget a bicardi you're gonna want a bottle of water the moment I started to slaughter
Double S and Double helix equal to double the chromosomes I'm comin to put it down when you listen to the sound
Of an M1 Vulcan raring and ready to riddle you rappers with another round
Turn to the other way to earn what I double pay and learn that whatever's gonna turn up another day
Part of me mechanical saliva that's flammable everybody in the crowd is gonna burn up in front of me
Sickness is deadly this is the remedy I am just what all these posers pretend to be
Sprite lay the track I'm cementing my legacy of the Undaground chopper that I will forever be

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