Undaground Choppers 6 Lyrics

701bonez Lyrics

Are we really doin this again sprite?
There's been five intervals so, lets cut the underground into pieces for the 6th time in a row
You get the scissors and I’ll get the mic
You can line up the rappers we can turn em to confetti
It’s the time that I know that remind me to flow at the starting line we go are you ready
For the chopper
Underground and you better honor us
Stack up your ammunition and ready up ya armor cause
Taking shots at me I’m dodging em and put you in this hell
You’ll deal with more missed shells than president Barack Obama does
And if you’re thinking of stopping me look at the prophecy give an apology
You can stick it I pick it apart cinematography I’m bringing upon the beat
Approach us with hatred accommodating you then you will realize that double S can be something you don’t wanna meet
Ain’t no way that you leaving alive when I come
You Voorhees style through the front door
seconds is all that you got remaining on the clock
Run cause when it hits you’re done
Got em reading off of the lyrics it’s difficult to follow
When I’m blazing down the interstate a foot upon the throttle
When I splatter the wall with the haemeoglobin and show it off to the public is how
I’m modeling a mottle better get a bigger bottle
To be able to stomach when I decapitate at the capital leaving em captivated
To get a payment or be vindicated for debacles
Gripping a pair of the triggers I’m finna be ripping and tearing the ligaments
Quickly then it gotta be "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto"
Y'all better calm down you in need of Tai Chi
Thinking you could ever rip into a track like me
You was asking for it here it is with DNA to be a Tru Lyricist
Doing it lightspeed over the Sprite Beatz

I'm an individual that gets critical with my syllables
I murder you I promise you n***as salute the general
I hit you with this verbal abuse and burn you with chemicals
I murder a n***a then hit em with venom and I get the torch
I'm rapping for Colorado n***as don't wanna get in with me, lyrically chop em like helicopters merk enemies
Smoke in the facility packin heavy artillery, its kind of amusing to see other choppers that envy me
Hit a motherf**ker th'end up and run from the hood a b*t*h
F**k withn the n***a Loony and the body parked in the ditch
If they really wanna come and get it with the chopper that dump a clip, I f**k with the brainsick cuz I hit you with voodoo
Inside of my brain they say Loony is coo-coo
A**a**ination, verbally I go through you
You will never catch it, that's how we do the victims
Come up can't throw me a hundred prescriptions
Somebody better told to get away I'm a demon
We cannibal, the house have me , no we come feining
A little bit of brain and guts, tell me I'm a heathen
You really wanna meet the chopper? Imma bring in
A lethal mechanic every syllable when I span on you, for spilling it give up
I’m a savage up on this run-through, well intricate spitter cause I kamikaze I’m running through
I’m critical thinking bringing the damage taking this off from you
I seek you n***as hating I’m on it bring it a time or two
Dissolve the compet**ion and after bodies I’m gonna chew
Spit it like I deliver a message what can decide from you
I’m hurting you n***as because nobody heard of you
My kin was taken choose I’m heavily with the rythym
Devour my enemies, I diss all until the end
One of the hardest n***as from the beginning to the finish
I’m a unsigned chopper b*t*h making you feel it

Getting right back on it i'm murdering my opponents
When you hear me on the record, i'm doing it how i want it
I'm a general, let it, when I spit it I call the shots
And I'm bout to be bodying the n***a up on the lot
I'm articulate but even when i'm stepping in the booth
Imma bullet like a ninja that's giving people the juice
When i'm choppin and Imma be an anomaly come great
Anybody wanna get it can come and meet their fate
I be taking a minute break and bustin' em like a grape
Fully automatic, you n***as are 38s
When I'm stepping on the pedal I'm going a little faster
A lyrical Johnny rocket people calling me Nasa
Poop on these n***as I'm sending love to they master
A legend on the mic and I go to another chapter
Everybody wanna hear it they be looking for the rapture
And I be like, "Bet", let me get into the slaughter
Creeping up in the back not gonna believe
That they digging the penmanship
Pulling and bullying n***as
That come but they stopping we did it shoo
Really be going to pull up a battle and not hesitating
To come in to strike in the booth with a n***a they kill the sh*t
Said I am what I am and I've been
What I've been everyday from the start, my n***a
Living eternally through the dark, my n***a
All on my cutlery be stayin' sharp, my n***a
What'd you think about it, how'd it feel to you?
Kansas city n***a when i hold bill to you
And you gon pay for it, I'mma bring the bill to you
If you try to run away then imma put the steel to you
Do it again, better again every time
Instead of tossing this spitter they would be lying
But you hearin' it go countrywide
Keep bumping Murder Musick until i'm out of my mind

Straight up out the city with no pity, call the witty let him pick you up and lift you like a twister when I spin it
Then I take it to a trip a new dimension with a b*t*h who suck a d**k I spray the pu**y when I hit em when I f**king spit it
Take a microphone an automatic gun I'm out to get a pick of chala, start collecting all the blood up and they sacrifice
They body to they windows top above when everybody talking how like they crazy till somebody did it
Now these motherf**kers scared of the real chop, talking all that that bloods and guts and killa but they will not
Talk about they come up from the gutter and they'll kill cops somebody run and everybody f**k around with Spillz squad
Get a pill popped, resolute and I'm filled with adrenaline killin em when I pick a pen and I hit it
Get it real hot, breaking the b*t*hes off of their f**king then I spit, imma throw em like a sizzle in it
Bout to murder with my murder weapon, anybody lurking steppin' in the wrong direction imma serve em heaven
Bout to shot em to the lord I let em up and ready to escort me to the treasure right when someone get em
Dear Lord, since I was a little boy I been a psychopath and muster all around me was a little joy
I tried to play with the all other normal kids but they was looking at me crazy when I start using a ouija board
Are you with me cause the evil that's impending has been taking my ability to really see a figure of me
And so visually I've been in a cemetery looking for a life so distant from my wish that was it
Well this is the darkness, this is the path, this is the underground
Come and step into the legends of my sector and the pistol saying Jimmies I think that it finally went out, bang!

Put me up inside of the booth with all the lights off
Spitting nothing but the truth and I will find y'all
Motherf**kers always talking the sh*t mane they talking that sh*t make me pop in the clip this is my fight song
F**k your b*t*h and have her weak at the knees
Give her the d**k and have her sleeping for weeks
You can prolly smell the pu**y on my breath whenever you speaking of me
And if it’s war then f**k bringing the peace!
I got a lot of pride, ain’t afraid to die and I swear to God I’m a lightning rod pointing at the sky up in a thunderstorm
Hear my battle cry, are you scared to die?
You ain’t gotta lie if that’s the case then what the f**k you running for?
I’m a demon, you can feel the fire from Hell coming out of my mouth with every breath that I’m breathing
Sickness is the season, and I won’t stop ‘til I cut their heart out and they’re bleeding
Thinking of making a stang that will make me a couple of billion bucks and get buck as I’m ripping the heart out of the mic and then making it wicked, the poetry working me up
Tell me they ain’t worth a buck
Gonna have to empty your salary for a verse and Donald Trump ain’t even worth enough!
F**k a fake rapper I will make chapters calling all you motherf**kers fake actors
Disasters of rapture, rip your pu**y-a** inside out and backwards…

I’m not here to play kumba ya

I’m the product of the Wrath of God!

Chop it up with me now, let me hear that spiritual
Ready for the battle really want it?
Gotta drop it on em nam, nam, viet, viet
So stop or me cut ya down, I'll give em the usual
Bloody body leakin' probably did it on the weekend
I'm gone, not, here, here
Crazy motherf**ker never to make it up, on my mind fake it till' they make it why are they thinkin' that'd be all right?
Pull the b*t*h up out em then I leave em at the bottom rottin' f**k it cuz they're f**kin up the game
Who's this motherf**ker think he is, bone thugs n harmony?
Man, Bonez is trash anyway f**k that mother f**ker,
This is where I'm supposed to rap really fast, and entertain all y'all, y'all f**kin love this bullsh*t, f**k it I'll play ball
I'm outta North Dakota sick of freezing on the the corner so I took it down to Florida and I hoped you didn't notice
But the money was important we were gonna take it over but we're troubled and we're broken I could see the devil hoping that we'd fall apart and break it down
I'm never gonna take an L I really gotta make it now or take a bow and fade it out
A better way to say it than I really kinda hate it now?
Failed the tox report the f**k y'all talkin bout?
Double time a minute and I keep up with the speed of light, a mothaf**ka thinkin that he's better to we need to fight?
Takin' it back to the beginnin'
Never gonna get rid of em
Stickin to the story with a needle and some free advice

Packing semen of a demon being a heathen beating seeds in any region making a legion while I'm reading it like I'ma rapping yakkin Charles Manson
While I be given a reason for you to believe in I'm a beast beasting it every season teething and feasting feeding Off beats like I'm treating myself for my own personal satisfaction
Acting up acting out with the action with tactics putting tax on the verses im no freestyler my style isn't free febreezing it fresh with the way that I be serving up the motherfuking murder
When working overtime being a hard worker performing that lyrical serial killer horror Halloween when I'm on the scene making it reality Optimiz Prime sort of like a Transformer
While packing a quarter of dab like a disorder dabbing upon these motherf**kers, swerve
When I hit them with the words merged in a verse converted in a sweet entree serving dessert first
Chopper tongue twisting it with a curve ga**ing them till it burns I'm that Chopper they warned you about to ask around about me to get to chopping properly and when you ready to pay attention and stay steady and learn
Oh y'all don't see things the way we be seeing the action
Burn the stage down with some TLC like it's left eye playing with some matches
Space shuttle flow from the mo better hold on never will I be a Tech 9 my Rhymes are to Gatling gun
Stunting as the white boy bringin that white noise being a little bit strange when I bang avoiding you average f**ks
I be sh*ttin in the booth like a porta potty while rocking a potty mouth dropping two's just to p*ss out number ones
Staying suited and booted to be a party-pooper when I'm losing my sh*t because b*t*h i stay sh*tting in the club
Bigga the n***a the bigga the figgs the godzilla in killin with the syllables drillin em full in any venue when i pull the heater fire breather
Drinking ether by the liter my meter staying full no sleep for the wicked I'm living a dream makin it a reality with a salary with the talent that I was born with like a leader given
Wisdom listen to my ignition Hemi ripping with the cyborg flow with the ambition to slap you b*t*hes out of the bed with a Folgers can to get you to wake up and vision
Us underground choppers on a mission Worldwide Choppers all over the world riding a beat with ease collecting money because that's our motherf**king business

It, is the DNA, the one
That y'all love to speak of
Don't test me on the mic cause I
Will f**k your weak sh*t up
Open the door! Stepping in looking like I got em all choking some more
Oh it's the lord, of the underground outdoing em with the sick bars and the chorus and it's hard to ignore
The way that I murder these motherf**kers with this lyrical art they adore
You're hoping for another dope DNA verse? Well imma leave their blood all soaked on the floor, like "don't slip!"
Oh sh*t, whoop time to get it! Creeping through the dark like it's The Chronicles of Ridd**k acidic with the spit I can hit it like Alien did it
Mailing a ticking explosive to your mom, she opens the mailbox then BOOM
Blood and guts all over your residence
Then I'm kicking in your door and I'm leaving with dead presidents it's evident
I'm leaving no evidence bipolar off of the medicine beheading them
With the end of the axe blade, you can ask Blade
You little fag vampires get your a** slayed
Marvelous with the tongue twist carving sh*t
Like a Jack-o-lantern backing into your yard
Accidentally flattening your dog, then I'm
Up in a game with a popular presence
Gonna be here and money irrelevant, gonna be ending your life with a telekinetic sick edicate, never to edit it
Bloody redding em with the blood of the innocent it's a pity it's a minimal effort for me to do it!
Sixteen years got you saying "aww screw it" I'm the truest like Double S in the Lyrical Akuma
And the movement is immaculate packing em in the sewer, if they step to us we're set to bust like BANG
It's DNA motherf**ker, cherish the name, motherf**ker, catch a lyrical aneurysm in your brain motherf**ker, I'm
Up in the game and I'm bringing the pain I'm mopping em all and stuffing em all
In the attic attacking and hacking em up into pieces I mean it I'm steaming and eatin em all!

Gotta be kidding me you must be thinking what if I take to the next level
Demonous wicked style guess who's gonna chop it up all the way best?
Chopping through lyrical patterns without a rest, you don't really wanna cover it, step back
You better get out of the way of pro demon it's harder to slaughter it
I'm a f**king beast, listen to my venom I deliver it with a sick
Chopping every syllable with cobra's venom spit
I'm ready for part 6, it's a hardcore revenge b*t*h
Time to speed it up go in like, Flash can terminate time's fractions and then beat it up
Lightspeed beats supersonic sound but not a big deal, it starts loosing when Interchopper's flowing fluid
Every chopper is gonna be melting, beat rhymes with top speed
And nail it with breaking through speed limits without a rest
Nothing is wrong with my accent, you are just too slow for my word patterns
If you're acting like a chopper chop it like a monster, don't be slow-a** raptor
Kill a beat with a fast flow, it's a burst show, every single time I'm wrecking it fans want me to burst more
I won't be giving a f**k, will just wreck out the track and then top out the fast flow
Combined with a demonous speed it's marked as a top row
Show em lyrical slaughterfest and they think you're a top doe
Taking em over I'm making it harder to catch up with demonous tempo don't mess
Nobody wanna be battling me, step back I'm sick of it - you get it? Check out the rest
Hoping I'm stopping the energy coming from breaking through particles with lyrical flex
You don't really wanna turn it up, Imma be motherf**king blazing your head
They don't really wanna 100 when I run on em
Getting in this sh*t and then I'm twisting like a legend imma put em all up in the coffin
And nail it with the syllables getting out of my tongue
Flowing on lightspeed on Top of the Line beat, no one can put out this fire

HØllÖw ain't f**king around I'm bringing 'em undaground chop
At the top of the choppa roster coming to get your brain popped
When I'm popping em off wit lyrical toxic venomous drops
Then I'm spitting and racking the victims thinking that hØllÖw's on rocks
Leaving the cops checking the blocks when I detonate these bombs
Spitting a boss Holocaust with a nuclear exhaust
Figured they mosh faggot I'm gosh suck a Medusa head of c*cks
I'm f**king Pandora and Lemarchand wit the same box
You know that hØllÖw finna wreck it when you bring him on the beat
Like my tongue is made of razors and their cut up when I speak
I leave em laying on a table full of organs when I feast
Then it's Doctor Satan that's taking em over and make these hoes bleed
I spit frost over sheets that target tarnish your heat
And lead you all to the peak of lyrics carved in the beat
I know it's often I reap a rapper talking wit speed
And when it's dark I'm the werewolf Shepherd guarding my sheep
And I ravage through getting shot bullet silver man or not
Ramming poon from your thot f**k her make her pu**y rot
Get a crew get some Glocks you're never gonna f**k wit us
Your homies thinking ya spitting it hot till I run through and chop
Like how many gonna be bringing it when I'm coming and spitting it belt fed?
Hopping on top of the track and coming to rip this sh*t like Sprite said
HØllÖw be doing that crap and you know I'm throwing that sh*t that melt Fed's
Verbally heated I'm popping a clip and leaving on your death bed
DNA recommend finna bring up the choppa that helped shed
Lighting up onto the comet that's soaring infected ready to bring death
It's plaguing em all when I'm spitting up on it y'all know I don't need breath
It's hØllÖw popping up on em wit the undaground chop shibboleth
Focus on my lyricism how it give my flow precision
Mix it wit my tho'd condition Ouija boards and soul addiction
Then you got my full attention anatomic x-ray vision
Looking through your composition smell your fear and high contrition

Sprite Beatz me zvao da mu pomognem na traci koju čuješ
Da ju razvalim sa svom svojom snagom, mic-a da se domognem i pljunem
Sada mjeriš se u ovome sa klasom, zato stani u red
Poput papiga se ponavljate, nije samo par vas
Jedete mi prašinu kada ubrzam, stanem na gas
Lav i blizanci protiv vuka, ovo crvena je svadba
Ostajete bez vrata
Jedan slog pauze za mene da dođem do zraka
Samo djelić sekunde tako da nastavljam da bacam
Magic-ova rima više neće biti sama
Sad je stigla smrtna bolest sa Balkana
Ako riječi ne znaš izgovarat, nisi ti za ovu stvar
Brate, sigurno to znaš, još da bacim jedan bar
Bez da stanem i grabim zrak, underground-a ja sam kralj
KUGA vas pretvara u prah

Choppanje na hrvatskom je puno teže
Za mene to nikad nisu barijere
Nek je amerima lako slagat rime
Ipak jurim ovom trakom kao Barry Allen
Šta da kažem, koju posluku da poram
Neovisno, od vas moram uvijek ispred biti jedan korak
Fora nije kad je moja konkurencija prespora
Za tebe sam noćna mora, da me stigneš si primoran
Stoga ubijam sve redom ko od Kendricka "Kontrola"
Uvijek odlazim u napad sve dok ne dođem do gola, bolan
Jedem ovaj mikrofon, tretiram ga ko hrana
Svi su mi nakrivljeni, znači nitko mi nije ravan
Saitama-san sam, samo super stvari stvaram
Stari, hladan kao bura, trakom sada haram
Došo sam do kraja, zar ja nisam kren'o tek?
Zapeo je text, who's next?!

Now you dealing with a spitter that can chop it like a veteran
So if you wanna go to war I'm showing who I'm better than
I'm feeling militant and you don't wanna hear the truth about me topping your favorite it's hard to swallow like it's cinnamon
I gotta be the one to pick on a wannabe
Man, I'm sicker than high degrees
Like a doctorate
So I'm proper with chopping like a surgeon
You don't wanna give me the urge to purge
Because I'm rich with words and you're broke
You can hit the curb and get smoked
Like I hit the herb but you choked
I don't think you wanna be the victim
When I pick up the pen and I pick on the enemy
Hitting the level to rip it I'm flipping
A sentence for the wickedest ending
So if you're lucky to be getting the remedy
I'll get ticking to blast off
And ripping your mask off
Ridiculous with it you think I'm tripping off bath salts
And when you get to break it down, you getting the cast off
Because you're not limited
But can you keep up to speed?
I don't really think you wanna see
You getting served like hot cup of tea
When you try to get the legitimate rhythm and delivery I'm finna be ripping the track and I let it burn like a sinner be
Get it cooking like dinner be
When I flow it's going colder than winter be
So be ready to back away when I get to chopping I'm dropping anybody that is looking like an enemy
Nobody wanna gimme the mic cause they know I slaughter
Like a father protecting daughters
They thought I was like a problem
Well I am when it come to chopping
I get em in a million pieces
Or Im'ma double em up get em beat like I'm Breezy
Then I gotta find a spot to hide the rotten body
So I look into the underground and find I gotta drop a lotta
Rappers on the radio not rocking hotter topics
Try to stop us but find that you'll slaughtered by the choppers

Questo cannone con il fumo l'ho già condito
Ho le parole del futuro come John T**or
Vogliono sollevare mura, vaffanculo la dittatura pure quando diventa dura io non sto zitto
Cambia corrente di pensiero quando ti senti sovrappeso
Si può tornare più leggero come il sottoscritto
Come un rapace dal cielo, so che sono capace davvero di portare la pace dentro ogni conflitto
Sensei è il nome del pazzo, mentre il tuo mixtape ha un nome del cazzo
Non è facile rappare tutte le strofe che faccio
Tiro calci nelle palle proprio come nel calcio
Non ho mai elemosinato, determinato
Mi sento sempre rinato
Senti il piano che ho escogitato
Non mi sono demotivato, per quanto mi sono allenato
Vi sembro velocizzato in prima linea perchè non rimango di lato
Di perfetta comprensione, sparo parole calibro nove
Mitragliatore di precisione, faccio la musica di professione
Non mi interessa la protezione delle persone con la pressione e la propensione a camminare per ore come dentro una processione
Partorisco 'sta canzone tipo immacolata concezione
Scrivo il prossimo disco in chiesa e lo chiamo "La mia confessione"
Con l'ossessione di sapere perchè a scuola ero un po' secchione
Della mia vita sono l'attore ma non seguo nessun copione Freschi, conservo tutti i testi in frigo
Sono un tipo recidivo, con questo rap ci vivo
Discorsi veramente così complessi che non reggi il filo
Non ti fa diventare sexy un bel vest**ino
Prima di fare tutto questo dovresti fare la gavetta
Provengo da un altro pianeta come il principe Vegeta
Io non ho fisico d'atleta, mi sono mangiato la mia fetta
E siccome il tempo non aspetta rappo come una macchinetta

Let's get it started on the mic I go retarded and my skills are sharper then the teeth that's on a walrus
I'm creeping like a goblin like I'm deep from out the forest and I just finished eating on your carca** sneaking in your closet hiding secretly I'm watching then I'll jump out yelling peekaboo you see me and you sharted
Cut your chest open and then I'm reaching for your heart and imma squeeze it and just squash it cuz your week when you be chopping
You're easily forgotten, you need to put a sock in it you think you be rocking it but it's obvious not a bit nobody's looking for your music you do not exist as an artist that is not a fib it's true better swallow it
I'm not the fastest but indeed my speed is solid as the skin that's on that mutant I believe his name's Colossus
When I get on a instrumental I Kamehameha it, kamikaze bomb it
Demolish and abolishing everything like a catastrophic comet
Beasting like a preacher and my physical gets altered resulting that I turn into a horrifying horror with some horns on my head got the people thinking I'm demonic
Raining on you dropping I remain to stay a problem for you lames who think you're rocking when I take away your stardom
You were never entertaining and you never been creative in any type of way because you are not
They call me VBL the wizard Lord bronze a magician when I'm spittin I am a lyrical Warlock
I'm just getting warmed up I haven't even begun performing when I put a show on it benefits with endorphins that my body's absorbing it's like I'm being rewarded with Infinite Energy filling
Immortal I'll turn to scorpion like a get over here and then you're a goner after the torture when I scorch ya and I'm not feeling remorseful

B*t*h i'm the true definition of lyricism by benificial we drop on and chopping up instrumentals
I'm bout to stop by the populars rocking it when i'm spittin' and possibly bout to lock up and i spark imma kill a killer
My speed i riddle a meaner for dinner for being a 3, pick up a pen and then imma battle em hitting the n***as that wanting to be
Spitting a hollow rythym in hell bet they not talking sh*t with the vest, wanting the loosening with the flex, taking a skittle away a list
With the mili when i hear the beat i go knee deep, with the flow, I'mma pull a Road Runner, beep beep
Compet**ion they don't really wanna see me, prone to catch a body when i pivot in these heat streets
From the coast shout out to a local MC, B, imma need it in the game i thought i had a cheat sheet
Run it like a pair of cleats, flier than a parakeet, you sleeping on a sleeping giant it's time to let the beast freak
Imma be getting it buck when n***as step up on the scenario, spitting the venom i'm sending 'em into their burial
Bring in another bug imma sh*t on the stereo, undaground choppers 6 Fix n***a here we go
Straight up call me legendary, taking it on my adversaries, giving a f**k who's coming to buck, i shoot em my vocabulary
Gimme the mic and i'm bout to drive it all up they have to worry cause i'm keepin it G a n***a not even in my category
Bout to take it to another level with the hustle gang murder for the fame i just wanna come out balls and chains
Spitting with the flame on the microphone i'm bringing the pain you'll be the last come put up with me and end the story
I don't wanna do is try to up come up from a cell ho, f**king with the steel i wreck your side don't want to
No one got a stale flow, chopping up my shell tone, trauma that bout it to chop it on the mic on people's elbow

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