Undaground Choppers 2 Lyrics

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Never been a b*t*h of a mothaf**ka to sleep on
Deadly individual pull the trigga then he's gone
I'ma keep it hot in the pu**y to get the heats on
Hurricane and Sprite a collaboration: the beat's gone
Hit em up with that sh*t that'll make a muthaf**ka go numb
Puttin em off in the physical my thinkin be like f**k it, I'm on one
I'm a real choppa, undaground or not
Doin it international in case you n***as forgot
Kansas City make it so mothaf**kas to check it
We bring it up in your rectum
You neva crossin my secta
We string em all up togetha
We strappin down with tha leather
So if you can take the pressure
Then come and get it togetha, I'M A BEAST!
Every time that I hit em with the flow
I'm the lyrical Heath Ledger, nobody can do it better
When suckas swarm through the line ova, you n***as are snowblowas
I be coated interpolar, everybody ought to show it
My flow is about to go f**ked up, and I'm about to go apocalyptical
Now I'm rippin, f**k all my critics
You talk about it, I live it
So if you wanted to get it
Kansas city pu**y n***a, you listenin? I'm the best
So if you got a problem, we'll just stab up your chest
The lyrical definition of puttin people to rest
When every participant is in the kitchen, the chef
Metaphorically, I'm sayin I'd urinate on your death

These b*t*hes they be likin' through the force I got his chopper bringin' the pain makin' it rain cause I be choppin' like I’m pack ‘em when i’m rippin’ they be trippin' like damn! I shoulda stick with it. I tell ‘em cause i’m venom and I hit 'em with that ricochet!
Mippin’ it killin' it when I spittin' it killin' it dilligent i’m militant they mane us reminisce of evidence remaining up to nig is mine depending on heading your mind is set aside but i’m killin' the sanity’s fine
Got us to the underground. Comin' up i’m comin down. Rippin' and slippin' up in like it was a hundred round
You never wanna come at me with disease i’m leavin' it. Fully damage when I finish cause i’m releasin' it. Increasin' the level of manis is the agreement to the top of the gamut and you know that i’m reachin' it!
Negative star so hard spittin' these bars so hard come to scar from shot to gla** instead I bombarded
You’re retarded if you think you can mess with me i'ma diss you on ecstasy you gon' mix up the recipe
Punk brussels where no man’s loafer
College swag but where is your diploma?
I rip your days so bleed you in a coma oh you did it all without bestin' Oklahoma? I'ma keep it ready for good better need my seat. I’m the hardest teammate grewed up on the streets

"It is, what it is, know the biz, gotta get em
Gotta hit em with the fully automatic, let em have it
Bring the havoc with the motherf**king syllables clapping
Who wanna battle when they dumping up out the magazine rapidly
Never challenge a beast, this is lyrical a**ault and battery how we Smashing em on a sprite beat
Ain't nobody want it with any one of us coming with that Murderous Hercules flow we spitting for the Mic heat
, dig it how I pivot a minute I'm living critical
Ain't nothing subliminal bout the way I give the principle
Element of my spirit in physical form original
Mixing it up to give u a visual in Your living room
Bumping in the system, in the back of the whip attack with Immaculate sh*t, a fraction of blasphemy spit
About to bang it homicidal, tag and bag me a b*t*h, then back to This rapping I get a masterpiece strapped with a hit
You can see me all over the map I'm making it happen
Trapping the beat in the magic, wordplay a**a**in for the tactic, Picking em all apart when I'm tearing holes in the fabric
Wouldn't wanna be an enemy Mister Hyde for the hat trick
So your flow unforgiven that means u better get wit it before your flow get diminished
To put it simple I dig into it, ripping it sicko sick wit it sinister picture me up in Guinness for killing the game and everyone in it"

You done got a f**king menace on the track now
Ripping up anybody wanna get it with me back down
Blood will paint your face and have you looking like a sad clown, sticking them pins and needles in you voodoo magic lash out
Outta the dark abyss into the chamber through your brain soon as i spark a clip
Heartless sh*t that will mark a kid and have me getting back my medicine like karma's b*t*h, not from a pharmacist no..
Feel the double c amendment no pretending with it this is like religion how we live it and we write our script
To be the sickest realest spitters in the business with a pen or with a rhythm killing compet**ion quick as death
Body composition smelling raunchy in the kitchen from the chopping up the victims better take them to the basement
Underneath the pavement, the underground incision for them b*t*hes that ain't listening now they missing cause i slayed them
Sprayed they with the fully automatic tongue twist them, when i'm banging the ammunition to this banging drum kicking
Finna be making people pray that i ain't gonna come get them, cut them and shank them with this razor blade and shape they mug with it
Sprite gave me the tools to lose all of my screws
F**k loose i'm f**king abusing the booth, no lube woof woof
Raw dawging you pu**y rappers that can't do what i do, filling up all you punk b*t*hes with an Uzi i groove/ kaboom!

Ain't nobody gotta know, i lay yo body in a hole
I'm motivated by the marijuana that i smoke and now i'm creepin' through the cemetery with some one i need to bury thinking its a game before i let it all go listen up to all the haters in the building i be knockin' out the haters and they know that i'm not kiddin' some ones lookin' out the window and there lucky that there livin' f**k the police and the law because i'm never gonna be forgivin' run up on that n***a with a semi automatic when i p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pop-pop-pop-pop hit em down lookin' up out of the window late at night whats it like to get murdered with a bloody mic now and 'im going to be murderin' every body pullin' out the shotty when i call the Illuminati
When i'm going to be ready to kill them and did em and fill them with venom i'm killin' muthaf**kas knowin' that i'm gonna call the shotty
Comin' i'm runnin' i'm comin' to get you with all of my n***as i'm ready to kill you i fill em with venom i couldn't get rid of em i'm lookin' around in the hood for the tension i'm wondering why do they want to be eating the bullets up out of there stomach licking the womb and i'm sewin' it shut because i'm murdering off these muthaf**kas poppin' and droppin' i'm gettin' it rockin' i murder the haters who want to be noggin i cut up their bodies i burn up their bodies i pull out my shotty and then i keep poppin' they thinking i'm crazy but that is not true and you f**kin' with me then i'm f**kin' with you and better come up when you call up yo crew its the underground choppers 2!!!

D-N-A.. I be spitting Lyricism all up in your system
Shut up and listen to the blistering nitroglycerin glistening
Sticking my fist in them getting them p*ssed
From the way that i'm ripping them
Sending a minimum effort then I'm gonna be draining em like a enema
I tend to corrupt you ripping your jugular sucking the blood out and f**king you up in the b***
And hushing you up I erupt for the f**k of it, no one can f**k with it tell em to suck a d**k
"tath no etah nac uoy sdrawkcab par a yas I cainam a mi", "i'm a maniac I say a rap backwards you can hate on that"
And nobody bringing it better then DNA when he is running and slaying cats, and leaving they taking a nap at the bottom of the ocean no making it back
And I'm stating the facts
People really be thinking they got what it takes to step in my face and speak it
I'm grim reaping and leaving the're semen and blood leaking all over the cement
I'm keeping it lyrical gotta be killing them somebody thinking they bringing it better then mine I'm ripping they spine like MK9 I'm the king of the hilling them
They loving the moment I come when I'm on it when DNA spitting he better then all of them
Topping the top of them, nobody topping him the way that i'm mopping em up when i'm dropping them, coughing them up when i vomit them
Dropping them off in the river, they spotted him off lake called for them
But they were just too late
The bow and arrow shot right through his face in front of all of them
This is camp crystal lake
Jason Vorhees following them hollowing them out with a machete confetti flying from his teddy he said "please wait" he wasn't ready for that LIGHTSPEED CHOPPER!!!

Gimme the blunt, I'ma bump like it ain’t sh*t
Been doing' my thing since I was young and when I get in the game I promise
I'ma make them remember the K-Fix
Banging and bringing the pain and I’m finna be chopping and target enemies, getting it popping
And take out the garbage and when I say garbage I’m talking about these industry artists all in the way of us n***as who starving
Is about to be catastrophic when I be dropping this lyrical ammunition on the compet**ion and leaving them straight sick
Bucking them up and it possibly ain’t no way they can stop a G
How could these n***as ever win against the devastation
Now I be killing the record and rocking beats headed straight to the top
And keeping it G while I’m bringing the heat all I need is my medication
When I be taking a hit of that broccoli
I'ma be so determined to turn up and terminate them and turn into terminator
I’m murdering and I’ll slay anybody that’s in the way of the K or the skill a n***a display with the pen and paper
No way that I’m finna lose, only thing I’m facing is victory
Been a beast on the record I recollect on the rage
I start feeling the minute I turn on the television
And witness these gimmick rappers you listen to everyday
So just give us our recognition, chopping them up and I’ll give a n***a business
I’m one of the sickest with it, hop on the K and I’m spitting the flame
And I’m representing that Memphis, our hobby is catching bodies and stealing
But still this sh*t is up in us, never change

Out of bed I’m ready for the slaughter
Hit with chete, chop em with fetti
Deadly with the venom, veggies is what they gonna be
And I’m steady handed like I’m Freddy formulating murda motherf**kers that be gripping on their teddy
Looking for their momma cause the reaper on they a**
Coming right behind em with the motherf**king mask
Bludgeon motherf**ker with a double sided axe
In the mental depending the bloody vision to the ma**
Attacking, hacking and bagging em then tagging em for the crematory
Stick to what I give em dragon breath that’s burning people and the’re worried
I'ma psychopathic stabbing every melody that I put my words to
That’s a different story
Gory, syllables the razor cut the veins and got the scene around you and the wanna bes I slay them were they hiding
And there’s no ignoring
A mind like mine is mandatory
Underground choppers we’re venomous dueceing on swaggots
You acting flaccid and sh*t
I practice my artistry, deviate rhythm when ripping I’m pleading the fifth
Cause the faster I spit
Astronomical matter that’s balancing chemical structure
Turn that hand to a fist and k'on
They frozen, falling on they face
Rolling the bodies from a bag to a ditch

They be telling me don't stop with the lyrics that I'ma deliver Because the way that i keep it simple
Taking 'em off the list hidden
Better watch it your wishing
I'm itching it for the gripping and making a way to pin it this Sinner don't give a sh*t never
Darkstreet records forever gonna be some winners
That betaking out pretenders pretending
If anybody wanna surrender with no injuries
Lyrically to viscous with no ending
This Mexican means alot of businesses
Attack you in a pa**ion like i'ma Savage to much of an attict for cracking bad habits a back stabber back stabbing
Making you crash landing
Once again I be the last man standing
With the multiple talents,that I'm using to get you
Unbalanced, Take you for ransom plans to stash 'em
And get my cash up, plastic wrapping over your body
No action, close caption that's what happens to rappers
That wanna be spitting sh*t wackiness not lasting
Be done you f**ked actors ..
When it comes to hushing
You puppies loving the blood gushing
Suffer the consequences of dealing it with the roughness
I'm tough enough to the point that a knife couldn't cut me
Blu a Lil ugly and to much for your consumption huh?
I be to much for you to crush
I'm a keep breathing sleep with them holes in your body that i'll keep leaking
361 corpus Christi Darkstreet .. I'ma certified chopper steady wrecking it to a sprite beat

Jumpin' over on top of the beat when I get ‘em
Stick it in rippin’ kill ‘em
When I hit 'em with the rhythm you be talkin’ about a n***a but you really really listen bout to chop it a body up and leave ‘em missin’ in a river
I’m a violent a** n***a
Click it I clack it at motherf**kers takin' this sh*t
Stickin' the motherf**kers I been put into they ribs while i’m takin' this b*t*h
Stuff and puff it, you better suck it or f**k it or swallow c*m by the bucket nobody bust it or touch it her fists hurt like a f**kin' fight because she love it
Packin' a Robert you can see me comin' like binoculars
It’s obvious
Steppin' up on a motherf**kin beat like a rhinocerous
You ain’t never stopping this or topping this
Undaground Choppers know you love the way that we be choppin' sh*t
Most of these n***as in the rap game nowadays are too average
I don’t give a f**k about a lame n***a i’m a savage psychopathic telepathic
Always know your next move cause you’re telegraphic
You ain’t really bad that action i'ma make ya graphic
Talkin' about'chya choppin' but'chyu mumblin' and stumblin' and fumbling your words n***a give it up
You can never get it like I get it bet'chu when I spit it, then I kill it
Somebody better tell them motherf**kers that the underground is livid

Потом демоны оккупировали помыслы
Темные ангелы были перебиты
Дабы не было намека на проблески скорости

Эти стоны, преследовали меня по пятам, а не по годам
Но поселился во мне кто-то
С тех пор понимали все, что голоса эти задавали мне тон
Никогда не буду тем
На кого выливали ДЕРЬ-МО
Влезть в бой далеко не было проблемой
Соперники могли пересчитать по пальцам шансы
Это KD и вас перебили
Потому да перебили и сжались ваши яйца
Зря дебилы перебегали дорогу
Потому готовы хоронить их заживо
Каждый, тот страшный тип нас, пока вы пародировали
Рисковали вы быть сожжены
Даже мы встревали в этой воде, попадали
Поломали мониторы
Коли мы путями за победой пробегали
Но вас опередил

Then the demons invaded thoughts
Dark Angels were killed
So there was no hint of a glimmer of speed

These moans followed me closely, but not for years
But he settled in me someone
Since then we understand all that they asked me to vote tone
Never will the
To whom poured sh-MO
To get into the fight was far from being a problem
Opponents can count on one hand the chances
It KD and you killed
Because yes killed and squeezed your balls
In vain morons crosses the street
Because ready to bury them alive
Every type we have the terrible until you parodied
You risked to be burned
Even we get stuck in the water fall
Broken monitors
If we ran the ways to win
But ahead of you

Bringing it proper but I’m gonna drop it and chop on the beat
A behemoth a monster my tongues a cleaver that’s chopping through meat
See me don’t bother me I’m a demon you don’t wanna meet officially illogical wanting to f**king beef
Anybody that want it can be the comical relief because I got me not a problem wit me stomping out your teeth
Virtually unstoppable I’m pyrotechnological so beating me’s impossible but come and try to see
Enter in the mind of a motherf**king G
A hundred different personalities that wanna watch you bleed
All of em are wicked and they all belong to me
All of em in compet**ion trying to supersede
When I look into the mirror it isn't me. Who could it be? Another being that is made of every single evil deed and the speed and the heat I release when I speak got me walking this earth and implanting my seed
Kick in it up here in klamath spitting the tongue of a savage flick in the tongue of dragon…. closing your casket
Going for biggest and baddest. Flow with the sickest of patterns none of you b*t*hes gonna matter…. homie I gas it
Off of the Richter is matik offer the skitz of a frantic out of the pills in my cabinet…. c*ck it and blast it
Only the wicked can back it tongue of a trigger demonic bath em in acid and ask em if they can match it

Ain't nobody f**kin' with Bonez lets be real now
Thinkin' that they takin' the throne would be senile
Ain't nobody really want it pop a pistol get it rowdy
Get it b*t*h I f**kin' doubt it chalk it up to denial
I’m bad mothaf**ker Michael Jackson style
We could die at any minute now wouldn’t that be wild
You better flash a smile cause the rats are out
Get these b*t*hes out the gutter cause they pa**in' out
Man its Choppa Clique flow style, ain't no way to slow down
Ya'll don’t really wanna get a problem with these souljahs
Phone call, roll out, why they wanna hold out?
“dawg I get it choppin' with an AK forty” so what?
Do somethin', act like you would
I don’t give a f**k about it Matt get the gloves
Wrap a body in the carpet drag it back to the woods
Left for murder North Dakota baby that’s how its done
I heard there's a mothaf**kin' track to murk
So I pop another pill and get it back to work
Cause ain't nobody f**kin' with me
Duckin' when we comin' with a fully automatic at em
Damn it man they lookin' funny
I’m Mad Hatter mad man
Tommy gun’ll back that, do we gotta back track?
Matter of fact that’s
Exactly what we gonna do, I’m gonna give you point of view
Something that’s so much better than all this fast rap crap man

Hitting them with the fully automatic, get them chattering
No one better than Cameron, flip and then go bananas on them
And I’m a melodic animatronic cannon be popping of a awful lot when I talk
A madman, I’m a manic god damn it!
Never to be defeated by my enemies I mean it
How many people want to beat down to oblige?
Got a knife in my side and I’m getting tunnel vision
Got a chopper at my back compet**ion not to much different from the mulch on the ground
Woah woah slow it down, nah f**k that bust back with a hundred rounds
Giving it the minimal, I rip it apart you’re pitiful
Now how many men are gonna get beheaded by my pen and pad?
I’m better than you, Ahead of the veterans dude!
Only been chopping for a hear and I shredding you fools
Gimme the bottom to pop the top and I’m ready to duel
Gimme the mic and I’m knocking down your monopoly, BOOM!
Making your homies run away, I’m gonna slay your whole crew
They gonna prey to their maker, but b*t*h I done told you
He can’t stop me, I’m a beast on the next level
Hell or heaven haven’t seen the likes of me ever!
Giving it all that I got
Man I’m a dog, I beat it up
There’s a lot on my mind I can’t control
They’ve damned my soul!!

The mainstream with these beats I love
No one’s universe and was another want a gun
I said to get pretending milkyway, say what
I be takin out your blood and pulling all that’s bad when there’s war
“GOD DAMN!” when the hell’s off
Makin it rain, and I drive for the lying I’ve got a chainsaw
Hit it cut and get your calls in they heads Spider Man Figure
Play Wide Reciver for the Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald this b*t*h
Flow as the lay the back of Vegeta I’m delighted hearing in this b*t*h
But sprite is cool bar can call the terrorists he ain't high he took flight
With 2 balls, who saw, he rapped 8s
And more grey, in the way, super cool and now I send
Who flies with them anyway
I bring the bad and you bring the ba**
Happy rap gotta blood face and breaking lane
Detonate a C4, see w****, you can see gore, no metaphor real horror core
I’ma spartan his guard rapping too hard then his teacher I pull out my Excalibur bic
Then I better check and celebrate and party and we’re writing, hey
Is that my hair levitating probably playing great, job, Career point
Thumbs up like Frosted Flakes had my fame eyes forever…

The bigga the figga the bigga the gorilla like godzilla
Like a veteran packin a weapon and killin when spittin this ammuniton
Listen this sumb*t*h I'll get vicious quick wit these lyrics any minute
So give me a second I'll leave you dumb in a instant wit a mouth equipped wit a banana clip on a mission
I'm in it to win to get it
I kill it with the rhythm whole; never wit it minimal
A killa with a million syllables
Leavin a beat critical a lyrical individual over flowin wit a mouthful wit the flow from the mo when i go I own it
Whenever ya ready to battle me you better be steady wit a melody better watch who the f**k you be challenging I'ma monster
Choppin up 16's like a piece of meat on beats bringin heat cuz Mizury the unholy from Missouri
Kicks it harder than soccer
Hotter then lava, I be the chopper muthaf**ka with lyrics comin to get it in deeper than ya f**kin daughter
I go harder then a automatic rappin in a fashion blastin on b*st*rds like I be packin and rackin a fully stocked sawed off on any roster
Beats are tellin me there ready when they wanna be buried heavily in a cemetery
So they ain't comin carefully whenever their bringin that rhythmic energy
I'm ready wit a lyrical hammer wit the stamina playin like a cinema
So when I'm on a beat beatin the beat to a inch of its life I'm not givin a f**k
I hit em and they feel it cuz I'm a killer any minute, so when I get up and finish em, I do it big
And keep it strange; dibkis teeth of a chainsaw painfully makin a verse hurt when this chopper rips

Allow me to hit the booth with some of the sickest in the game of people living up in the window what are we blistering the frame, and the medical patients in a hospital a little bit insane, administer hits of the dopeness and make em sniffle it in pain
Grabbing the beat and I rip it and tear it then I repair it like a mechanical parrot then i be leaving em all in infinite disdain, like a fully automatic machine gun when hit em all up with the venom and then i'ma have it dripping in his veins
The quicker the bust the bigger the rush that is what I do it for you thinking sucks I’m ripping the guts of everybody you and more, you digging the wicked precision when i split up it with a quickness making you trip in the cut deliver the smut it’s clogging up ya human pores
Coming hella outta perimeter popping annihilate carefully load it quickly unleashing energy dilated, painfully pleasant place you will probably find a sadist finally out again after all of the time that I have waited
Alarming the way that I’m bombing the commoners run up the number on the speedometer a bunch of the rappers die when I flow, as i topple the government chopping in front of it talk and i double it dropping em under it got em all watching the tongue’ll flip and i murderalize with a knife in the soul Cadavers all over the cavern are left in a pattern to give it a mind to control defining the force of the wind of the south and it’s gonna be very high when it blows, whenever the speed of the rhyming is slow I prove for the second time in a row, that splytsecond to be wrecking it with Little Sprite is a go. We bringing it to the


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